Professional Site Surveys by Fortis & Hooke

Our surveyors provide comprehensive surveys detailing each individual items' condition in an easily understandable format.

They will listen to your concerns and provide you with objective opinions and solutions, rather than selling you a generic service.

Fortis & Hooke is a window and door consultancy. We provide solutions for clients based on objective surveys. We offer surveys to enable clients to make informed decisions on their items. In order to provide this service, we do charge for our surveyor’s time. The reason for this is that our surveyors are not salesmen. They will not push a certain solution that promotes their service if other solutions may provide a better result. That is why we encourage our surveyors to build professional networks with other partners within the industry. These relationships enable our surveyors to give alternative quotes when required. These quotes may even include solutions that Fortis & Hooke does not provide. We feel this is our way of ensuring you get the best possible result and have all the options available to you when making your final decision.

If paying for a professional survey is foreign to you, you may also be interested in the following:

1. We will deduct the cost of the survey from your invoice should you proceed with our quote
2. Your survey will enable you to understand the issues your windows/doors may have and therein empower you to receive other quotes with specialist knowledge of what is required.
3. You can choose to book a telephonic consultation with one of our surveyors before having a survey done. Our surveyor can provide you with an indicative cost of the works before you need to decide on whether a site visit is required.

Should you like to proceed with booking a survey, please follow the process below and we’ll be in touch to book a survey date and time that suits you. We look forward to working with you.

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