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Replacement Sash Windows


At Fortis & Hooke we prefer not to replace original sashes and therefore our replacement service is only offered when absolutely necessary.

We replicate any design allowing our clients to retain the original architectural feel of their homes.

Occasions when replacement is inevitable

At Fortis & Hooke we believe that replacement of sashes should be your last option.

However, in some occasions the original sashes have fallen into such a state of disrepair that repair is impossible.

We also occasionally encounter period homes where the original windows have already been replaced with sashes of poor quality, or not in line with the era of the property.

In these cases we offer our bespoke replacement service of high quality in line with age and distinction of their homes.

When replacement is inevitable, it is worth considering the installation of our double glazed replacement sash. It blends traditional quality, modern technology and practical longevity into one bespoke solution that would impress even the most discerning of our clients.

Replacement Sash Windows
Replacement Sash Windows
Replacement Sash Windows

We replicate the features of the original sashes

Each period property has a unique feel and design.

We endeavour to replicate this in each bespoke new window we produce.  We take the age and style of the house and windows into account to ensure the new items match the original. We can replicate Georgian sash windows, Victorian sash windows, Edwardian sash windows and even sash windows produced before these times.

We offer support on listed property replacement projects

In some circumstances the owners of listed or conservation properties are allowed to replace the windows of their properties.

We often assist clients that own listed properties with planning for new windows. We also liaise on their behalf with the conservation officers to ensure their needs are taking into account during the application process.

Our bespoke replacement service is ideal when changing listed property windows. We can produce matching windows that look and feel similar to the originals.

Listed property windows are usually very slender in design. We offer heritage double glazing that fits into these windows, allowing property owners to reap higher heat efficiency results without losing the character of the windows.

We offer a variety of glass options

When we manufacture new windows we provide our clients with a large selection of glass options. These options range from normal 4mm glass to double glazing. The following glass is available as standard:

  1. 4mm Float glass
  2. 3mm Restoration glass
  3. 6.8mm acoustic laminate glass
  4. 12mm slender double glazed glass.

We use hardwood sourced from sustainable sources

We believe that our clients want to replace their windows only once.

We therefore offer only hardwood replacement windows.

The timber we use is from sustainable resources in line with our environmental policy.

We offer a variety of finishes

We offer a variety of paint or natural finishes on our new windows.

Usually our clients choose our Weathershield option, which entails a hand painted gloss finish externally and eggshell finish internally. These paints ensure that the new windows last a lifetime.

We can also provide windows in a natural finish.

A variety of furniture and fittings available

We provide a large variety of furniture designs and finishes. All the furniture we offer are chosen for their quality and durability.

You can also choose your own fittings or furniture, available upon request.

Why Fortis & Hooke?

At Fortis & Hooke, we are extremely passionate about retaining the heritage, style and character of original sash windows. To achieve this, we offer a full restoration service that includes repair, repainting, replacing broken parts and draught-proofing.

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