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Glass Replacement


Glass replacement is one of the most important services we offer. The problems we typically encounter ranges from broken panes to addressing the bespoke needs of our customers.

Period property owners are often surprised at the range of problems that we can resolve by merely installing the appropriate glass into their original windows. The sections below focus on specific benefits that could be obtained by replacing existing panes of glass.

Improved Heat Insulation

Double glazing is an extremely efficient method to increase a home’s heat efficiency.

We can install double glazing into existing windows or supply new hardwood sashes with slender double glazed units.

These are the ideal options for retaining the visual appeal of your timber windows whilst enjoying the modern convenience of double glazing.

Low-e Glass is generally used in double glazing windows and helps to thermally insulate a home even better. This glass has a see through metallic coating that helps to retain heat but also allows light to enter. This can reduce heat loss by 24% more than traditional thermal insulated glass and 40% more compared to standard double glazing.

Reduced Noise Levels

Noise reduction glass is made up of two sheets of glass with a film in the middle. This film is specifically made to help reduce the amount of sound entering your home from the outside.

These units can be installed existing windows and also into our slender double glazed units.

The combination of noise reduction glass and double glazing will ensure both a quieter and cosier home.

Improved Security

If you’re worried about someone breaking into your home through your windows or a child falling through the glass, we can help by installing security glass.

Safety glass is popular in security risk areas or people living alone. The glass can range in thickness from 6.5 to 25mm.

There are three options

  1. Toughened glass that is four to five times stronger than normal glass
  2. Safety glass is very unlikely to break and will produce harmless fragments if it does
  3. Laminated glass has a laminated film that increases the strength of the glass. It is very hard to break but if it does the glass will stay attached to the plastic interlayer and will retain its strength until it can be replaced.

Enhanced Privacy

The installation of privacy glass ensures that your privacy is preserved.

There are various grades of opacity, different colours and textures available on the market.

Resolve Misty Panes

Double glazed panels may break down and form condensation within the units. This is usually due to moisture breaking through the double glazing seal.

We can replace the double glazed unit with new glass to match the old. We offer a five year guarantee on the new units so the problem should not occur again.

Self-Cleaning Glass

Self-cleaning glass is glass that keeps itself clean.

These windows look clean all the time. The glass breaks down dirt that is then washed away by rain.

It is especially useful on upper windows of homes or flats, glass roofs and conservatories.

Reduced Glare

Solar controlled glass measures the amount of light entering so that it reduces glare and filters sunrays in the sunny months.

This has the effect of reducing glare and cooling down rooms that normally get very hot, like conservatories.

Multifunctional Glass

Most of the types of glass can be combined together. Such as Low-e with self-cleaning, toughened with thermal insulated or decorative glass with solar controlled.

These can all be used with double-glazing units.

Crown Glass or Cylinder Glass

Older properties often have windows that are glazed with beautiful crown or cylinder glass.

This aged glass has more shape to it than the traditional modern flat glass and has become quite rare.

It should be kept in windows where this is possible to do so. It is often reused, but special care needs to be taken when this is done.

If you would prefer installing this type of glass, it is advisable to contact specialised companies who deal with reproducing this glass.

Some architectural salvage companies may also have some available.

Another alternative is to use horticultural glass that is made for greenhouses and often has the same style as found in older glass.

Listed properties and conservation areas – limitations

If you live in a listed building or conservation area then there are various regulations that you have to follow regarding windows and glass.

Listed buildings are protected both on the inside and the outside. You will need permission for any work that will affect the look and character of the property like

  • Removing original glass
  • Adding double glazing
  • Adding a different texture glass
  • Installing security glass

Some older properties have already had modern glass installed and this can be replaced with glass that fits the original character of the property, but permission is still necessary.

These regulations are also appropriate if you live in a Conservation area where every borough has its own regulations.

Our unique approach to glass installation

Our restoration experience in the period property market has enabled us to adjust our replacement glass installation process to a bespoke solution that respects the age and design of our customers’ windows.

At Fortis & Hooke we mainly use a flexible waterproof glass sealant. This sealant can be painted within 24 hours – in order to protect windows before any open timber can be exposed to the elements.

Our glazers have extensive experience in the replacement of sash window – , casement window- and traditional door-glass. This experience gives rise to quicker installations and subsequently less security risks to your property.

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