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French Door Restoration


Fortis & Hooke’s French door restoration service ensures doors are repaired, restored and fully efficient. With years of experience, we have been able to develop methods of repair and restoration that can be used on practically any French doors. The process is a long-lasting alternative to needless replacements.

French doors can add charm, character and style to any home but over time the effects of harsh weather conditions can cause wear, flaking, decay and heat loss.

French doors are made up of an intricate mix of components that are particularly vulnerable to damage. Glass panes and timber frames are susceptible to small problems and, if left untreated, these small issues can eventually lead to big and costly concerns.

At Fortis & Hooke, our unique and time-tested approach to restoration aims to prevent the need for costly French door replacement. Our experts have honed a simple, effective and sympathetic solution that aims to address the following common issues:

French Door wood decay

When timber is exposed to the elements over prolonged periods of time then decay usually occurs so it’s important to inspect your French Doors regularly and look for any obvious signs of damage. Flaking paint, cracks or broken seals cause the wood to become distressed and this in turn distorts the structure of the door.

Wood reacts to temperature changes, expanding when it’s hot and contracting when it’s cold, but this process creates pores that open- up inside the wood. When moisture penetrates these pores, decay starts to emerge.

French Door Rot

If left untreated, decay can quickly turn to rot which is a far more serious issue. Rot can spread quickly and infiltrate timber which can lead to your door becoming completely non-functional. It’s imperative that signs of rot are identified quickly and if you’re unsure you can check out this handy guide we’ve put together.

Although French Door decay can look unsightly, there’s no need to rush to fully replace your features. Some companies advocate full replacement at the first sign of decay but that approach is  unnecessary because most problems can be isolated and treated. If the decay has occurred at the bottom of your doors, for instance, the problem can be solved with the instillation of a new hardwood section.

At Fortis & Hooke we don’t just replace decaying wood either. We locate the source of the initial problem and take steps to ensure that your French doors are protected for years to come. If we find decay caused by paint wear or water ingress then we will address and fix the issue; it’s all part of our service and commitment to retaining your properties unique and original features.

French Door Paint Wear

If paint begins to flake then timber can become exposed, making it far more susceptible to decay and even rot. However, if you can identify signs of paint wear quickly any issues can be put to rest.

It may be tempting to head for the shed and grab the nearest tub of emulsion but the DIY-approach carries risks and our advice would be to leave this job to a professional service provider. Failure to correctly remove excess paint can significantly dilute the level of protection offered by any new coat and damage to the glazing bars can lead to costly problems down the line.

French Door Draughts

French Doors can serve as a major source of heat loss if they are damaged, badly maintained or poorly guarded against draughts. In the summer, homeowners adore the ventilation offered by the wide openings but in winter they are often blamed for causing draughts.

This need no longer be the case because but at Fortis & Hooke our French Door restoration service will ensure that your home is protected against unwanted draughts and heat loss. Our experts will inspect, identify and fix any draught-inducing problems such as poor sealing and ensure that your French doors are protected for many years to come.

French Door Lock & Hinge Issues

Overtime, problems can arise when locking mechanisms deteriorate through wear and tear or become broken by obstructions. The best way to determine the cause of the problem is by getting the doors examined by a professional surveyor.

Similarly, with faulty hinges, rust, obstruction or even wood decay can cause serious damage so it’s important to call in an experienced surveyor and avoid attempting to fix any problems yourself.

French Door Restoration Benefits

  • No unauthentic uPVC replacements

  • Increased energy efficiency and cheaper utility bills

  • Eliminates draughts

  • No need to apply for permission to replace doors on period properties

French Door Restoration

Why Fortis & Hooke?

At Fortis & Hooke, we are extremely passionate about retaining the heritage, style and character of original French doors. To achieve this, we offer a full restoration service that includes repair, repainting, replacing broken parts and draught-proofing. This ensures that you French doors will be fully functional and aesthetically stunning for decades to come.

We’re not your ordinary restoration company, either. Our team of expert carpenters and glazers use a mixture of traditional knowledge and modern methods to make sure all restorations are completed to the highest standard.

Our approach to carrying out the job is unique too. There’s no need to worry about mess, loud noise or any disruption at your home because we remove all problem doors and windows from your property and carry our specialist restoration work off-site.

How much does French Door Restoration cost?

Because of the variety in size, age, style, and condition of French doors, there is no “one size fits all” quotation price. Our expert surveyors will thoroughly examine your doors to determine the problems, the solutions and then you will subsequently receive a quote. This isn’t a vague “price-only” quote, though. Our surveyors will provide you with a detailed quotation that outlines the exact course of action required. No more misleading advice. You can make an informed decision, with no obligation or pre-existing costs. And you can be sure of one thing – it won’t cost as much as a replacement.
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