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Wooden windows Chelsea

In this wooden windows Chelsea case study, we discuss a project we completed on behalf of our customer in Chelsea.

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The customer was a large construction company. They required new windows for a project they were doing. The snag was that they needed new windows installed into original frames while keeping and restoring the original shutter frames. An additional complexity was that the original windows were casement windows with very thin frames. The new windows were to be sash windows with very thick frames. We had to ensure the new windows fit into the original openings and then re-install all the shutter boxes.


We manufactured the new windows to fit into the original frames. On site we carefully removed all the shutter boxes, noting each piece we removed. We stacked these pieces in a safe area. We then removed the casement windows from the openings and installed the new windows into these openings. The new windows fit perfectly, but the internal footprint was much larger than the old windows. When we installed the shutters by carefully putting them together again, the shutter sides could not reach the wall – leaving a rather large gap. We, therefore, made bespoke architraves to ensure this gap is covered.


The new windows looked great. The original shutters worked perfectly and looked like they were never disassembled. The customer was extremely pleased

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The process we used to resolve this customer’s problem can be reviewed in more detail on our sash window replacement page. Should you require further information, please feel free to contact us.

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