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Wooden window painting Tunbridge Wells

In this wooden window painting Tunbridge Wells case study we discuss a project we completed on behalf of our commercial customer in Tunbridge Wells.

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Our customer was a contractor for the local council. They had a rather large property that required renovation. The property had large wooden windows that were in a sorry state. Some of the sills were rotten and difficult to replace due to their positioning. The contractor required a specialist company to fully repair and paint these windows.


We sent a team of painters to repair and paint these windows. We setup on site and ensured the area was safe for passers by. The flaky paint on the windows was stripped off. Any rotten areas were repaired. We replaced most of the sills with hardwood replicas.

The windows were then fully painted inside and out.


The contractor was extremely happy with the result. The windows were now repaired and fully painted. Their contact at the council was very satisfied with the windows and they have subsequently received more work like this due to the results we achieved.

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The process we used to resolve this customers problem can be reviewed in more detail on our wooden window painting page. Should you require further information please feel free to contact us.

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