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Window Restoration London – Westminster

A very large construction company got in contact with us after they were contracted to do a high end restoration project on a listed property in Westminster. They were looking for a highly skilled team of sub-contractors that could restore the windows back to their original glory.

Case Study Details

The construction company doing the restoration had concerns in choosing the correct contractors to do the work. There are very few companies that deal with listed properties and windows. They got in contact with us to survey the job and we were best suited as we knew all the limitations involved in restoring listed windows.

This was a huge job to be done in restoring all the windows back to their original state. We could not take the windows off site like we would normally do. All the windows required a full on site restoration solution. There was also quite a lot of rot in some of the frames which we had to solve on site. Large sections needed to be replaced with new sections. Some of the windows needed glass replacements. The glass requirements stated that original crown glass (muddled glass) were required. As this was a building site we had to work around many other tradesmen to complete the project. We also had to ensure that the painted surfaces were kept clean during the project. This was not easy due to the work being undertaken around us.


We used the Fortis restoration process on this project, which involved us extracting the sashes from the window and renovating both. Normally we take the sashes off site, to be worked on in our workshop, as there is more room and we can ensure the correct drying times are adhered to. But as this was a secure project we created a workshop on site. This meant that we could do all the repair and decoration works on site without having to move anything. Any parts of wood that were damaged or had rotten sections were repaired utilising either sectional replacements or the repair care system. We hand painted the sashes in our make shift workshop. We also re-weighed, re-corded and draught proofed the windows when we fitted them together. Following the completion of the installation we did another final coat to ensure the windows were completed to a high quality result.


The company that hired us were very pleased with all the work that was done on the project. The windows had been restored back to their original state. It was a relief for them to find a company knowledgeable in dealing with listed properties, who knew how to work with them. They were also very pleased with the fact that we could do the work on site even with the building works around us. The company has subsequently used our sash window restoration services on other large sites as well.

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The process we used to resolve this homes’ window issues can be reviewed in more detail on our sash window restoration page. Should you require further information please feel free to contact us.

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