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Window Restoration London – Putney

In this window restoration London case study Mrs. L phoned us up as she had a lot of rot in her sash windows. Her main concern was that other companies she had talked to were quoting her on replacing the original windows as the only option. This was not something that she wanted to do as it was important to her to keep as much of the original windows and frames as possible.

Case Study Details

The main issue with her windows was the amount of rot. The windows had been neglected in the past and due to this there was quite a lot of small repair issues on all the windows. Her home was also fairly draughty. The various windows she had, had never been draught proofed before. While surveying her property she also mentioned to us that her door was looking a bit weathered and, as the windows were being re done, she wanted her door to match the finished look.


She requested that we carry out the work at her home. The carpenters were aware that Mrs. L wanted as little as possible to be replaced so they made sure that they only replaced where necessary. On the sections that needed to be replaced we handmade hardwood sections that would fit in. By using our repair care system they were moulded together with the old wood and rubbed down. Everything was then hand painted and fitted after being draught proofed to keep the home warmer. The door was needing a few minor repairs and these were fixed and then hand painted to Mrs. L’s paint colour choice.


When we left all windows were restored to give the client complete peace of mind. She was very grateful that we were able to restore them as much as possible and was understanding of the sections that had to be replaced. The draught proofing made a huge difference to her home. The newly painted windows and door brightened up the whole house. Mrs L was really pleased with the result.

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The process we used to resolve this homes’ window issues can be reviewed in more detail on our sash window restoration page. Should you require further information please feel free to contact us.

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