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In this window restoration London case study Mrs. W contacted us regarding her Dulwich properties sash windows that were in various states of disrepair. She was looking for a knowledgeable company that were able to sort out the many problems that she had on each window. She wanted to ensure her home was more energy efficient. The windows had flaky paint and she wanted them re-painted.

Case Study Details

Each window had a different problem. Some were simply in need of some new paint work. Many of the windows did not open correctly, some had some rotten parts and others just needed a full restoration. We often deal with each window having its own unique problem so were able to reassure her that we could fix each individual issue by providing her with a bespoke solution on each. We also made sure that when fixing her windows we would reduce all the draughts coming in.


All the windows had to be extracted and taken off site to have them Fortis Restored. When the sashes had been extracted, we temporarily fitted a bespoke made window into her original frame. We fixed all the frames on site and restored any rotten areas. The sashes themselves were restored back to their former glory. Any rotten parts were replaced and the rest of the windows was fully restored with a hand painted finish. She chose the colour and finish that she wanted. We used the Weathershield paint system and took extra care to the critical locations where the paint was first showing signs of wear and tear. The windows were also all re-weighed and re-corded so that they were opening perfectly well again. We also included double glazing in the windows that Mrs. W had asked for, this helped keep her home more energy efficient. We then draught proofed the windows when the sash windows were inserted into their frames.


When we had completely finished all the work we had another happy customer. The windows were all looking similar again with no rot or flaky paint to be found. She could already tell how much warmer her house was and was thankful that we could make her home more energy efficient. The paint work was exactly how she had wanted and she was very pleased that she chose to get all her windows fully decorated and restored rather than replaced.

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The process we used to resolve this homes’ window issues can be reviewed in more detail on our sash window restoration page. Should you require further information please feel free to contact us.

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