The main problem lay with the rotten sashes and sills. Some were more rotten than other sections, but all of these required some form of repair. We let her know that we would try and keep as much of it in its original sections as was possible. While visiting her she was showing us the broken panes of glass and we assured her that they could be replaced.


All the windows were extracted and taken off site to have the various work done on them. We temporarily fitted bespoke made windows while the work was being done. There was superfluous putty on the sashes that caused damage to the frames. This was all removed and replaced with dry seal putty which comes with a 10 year warranty. The panes of glass that were broken or damaged were removed and fitted with new glass.

The bottom rails of most of the sashes had extensive rot so had to be completely removed. We replaced it with new handmade hardwood sections which were then moulded together with our repair care system and rubbed down. The sills and frame that had  rot were fixed. Where there was too much rot in the timber, new hardwood sections were inserted. The sashes and frames were both hand painted and fitted together after being draught proofed.


When we had completely finished all the work we had another happy customer. The windows looking lovely again now that all the rot had been fixed and also the glass panes replaced. Mrs. W was pleased with the work carried out and was relieved that we saved her windows from replacement.

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The process we used to resolve this homes’ window issues can be reviewed in more detail on our sash window repair page. Should you require further information please feel free to contact us.