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Window Painting London – Wimbledon

In this window painting London case study Mrs. N requested a survey regarding the glass in her sash windows. She was looking to get all the panes replaced as she was concerned about the risk the glass posed to her children. The windows also needed to be painted and Mrs N had a specific colour in mind so she requested a quote from a local builder.

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Mrs N had also contacted a builder to get a quote for the glass replacement, and also to get the sash windows re-painted. We visited her and were more than capable of fitting new panes of glass. We also offered her our painting service. She found our prices to be very competitive and while it was more than what her builder had quoted, she knew we specialised in restoration of windows and would  therefore be the better company to go with.


During the restoration process we extracted the original windows and took them off site to be restored as per our Fortis Restoration process. The rotten sills were restored where possible but in some areas where it was exceptionally bad they had to be replaced. The old and new wood were moulded together with our repair care system. This was all done on site and was then fully decorated. The sashes themselves were fully stripped and hand painted in her colour of choice. We then replaced all the glass panes with security glass so that her children would not get hurt if they fell against the glass.This also had the added benefit of making her home more secure. The sash windows were then brought back on site and fitted. They were also draught sealed at this point.

To make the windows more child friendly we added limiters so the children could not fully open them. The restrictors meant that the windows could not be opened more than 10cm.


Mrs. N was very happy with the outcome of her windows.They were looking good as new. The glass was all replaced and the windows fully decorated. She was very happy as she got to choose her own colour paint and the final finish. It suited her home perfectly. She had more peace of mind now knowing that when her children were playing they could not break the glass or try to climb out.

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The process we used to resolve this homes’ window issues can be reviewed in more detail on our sash painting sash windows page. Should you require further information please feel free to contact us.

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