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Window painting London – Earls Court

In this window painting London case study we were approached by Company J. They were looking for a knowledgeable business to help paint and reglaze the windows of a large up market flat in Earls Court as part of their renovation project. They wanted to keep the original sash windows but have them retro-double glazed to help improve heat efficiency.

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When we went to survey the property Company J was explaining further as to what they wanted done in the flat. They only wanted to have double glazing in the bedrooms as the property was very noisy. We discussed installing noise reduction glass in the sashes, not in the bedrooms, and double glazing with noise reduction glass in the bedrooms. They felt like this was a good idea and the best places to have it fitted would be in the front windows and also in the French doors. The paint was flaking off and therefore all the frames and sashes needed a good decoration service.


We extracted the windows from the frames and took them off site to have slight work done to them. They only needed some minor repairs which did not take long to complete. For the bedroom windows, we opened up the rebates (platform that the glass sits in) and inserted slender double glazed units with a noise reduction glass in. They were then hand painted to the clients specifications and placed back into the frames. With the front windows and French doors we installed 6.8mm noise reduction glass which will help with the noise levels. All the frames were hand painted on site to ensure they match the newly painted sashes.


Company J were very pleased with the window painting and reglazing work that we carried out on the flat. The sash windows had been repaired and repainted which made it more pleasing to look at. The double glazing helped to keep the flat warmer and improved the heat efficiency of the home. With the noise reduction glass it made a huge difference to the front of the flat and the noise was dramatically decreased. The draught sealing also made everything less noisy and much easier to open and close. The final paint colour looked lovely in the newly decorated rooms.

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The process we used to resolve this homes’ window issues can be reviewed in more detail on our sash painting sash windows page. Should you require further information please feel free to contact us.

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