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Window Draught Proofing – Notting Hill

In this window draught proofing Notting Hill case study Mr M sent us an email to ask our help. His windows were extremely draughty and this made his home in Notting Hill very cold and uncomfortable. He requested a survey and quote so he could consider possible solutions to his problem.

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The windows proved a real challenge as they were very large and had several gaps between the windows and the frame. These gaps let in quite a lot of cold air into the house and during windy periods the rattles were unbearable.


We resolved Mr M’s window issues by installing our Fortis perimeter draught proofing system. This system kept the aesthetics of the original windows in place but resolved the gaps that were causing Mr M’s concerns.


Mr M was very satisfied with the work as his windows were fully draught proofed after we have completed our works. Our application of the system ensured that his concerns about rattles and unnecessary loss of heat was completely resolved and made him feel much more comfortable in his home.

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The process we used to resolve this homes’ window issues can be reviewed in more detail on our sash window draught proofing page. Should you require further information please feel free to contact us.

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