We went to visit the tenants to find out more information and to see the problems ourselves. They asked to have draught proofing installed but were also interested in adding double glazing if possible. It was very cold in the flat and they wanted double glazing options also. We also mentioned that to help reduce the noise we could install noise reduction glass into the new slender double glazing units. Along with draught proofing this would help make the flat a lot quieter. After talking this all through with Mr. D he was happy for the work to go ahead which pleased the tenants greatly.


Apart from the sash windows not opening properly there was not any major issues on the frames. Our team did however repair minor rot in the sills and fully decorated the frames. In the bedrooms they had asked for a more robust solution, so this is where we added the double glazing to help keep it warmer. In the other rooms in the flat we had placed in 6.8mm noise reduction glass which will help to majorly reduce the noise. To assist both the noise and draught problem we installed in draught proofing. Both these options  assist to cut out all the draughts and some of the noise. The sashes were also re-weighed and re-corded so that they are able to glide up and down with ease.


Both the tenants and Mr. D were very pleased with the work that was carried out on the flat. The double glazing meant that the flat was already warmer and with the added noise reduction glass, the tenants could already tell the difference. With the draught proofing also being added it was an extra barrier to stop the noise and cold air from coming in. As the windows were now opening correctly it meant that the tenants could make full use of them without the worry of the windows getting stuck.

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The process we used to resolve this homes’ window issues can be reviewed in more detail on our sash window draught proofing page. Should you require further information please feel free to contact us.