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Window Draught Proofing London – Clapham

In this window draught proofing London case study Mr. B contacted us with a problem he had with his sash windows regarding noise levels. He lived in a second floor flat which overlooked Clapham Junction station. It was a rather noisy place to live. It was overwhelming for him, so he did a quick enquiry on our website.

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Mr B would often feel chilly when sitting by the window as there was a draught coming in. This made the whole flat feel cold as well.

When our surveyors went to view the property they could feel how cold it was and hear how noisy the flat was. Mr. B had already asked to have draught proofing installed and this was definitely the best option, as it would prevent cold air from entering the flat and reduce the noise levels. We further suggested to Mr. B that he could have noise reduction glass installed. We talked him through the options and he decided to have noise reduction glass installed into the existing sashes of his windows. While we were discussing options in the home, Mr. B told us that he had a young toddler who loved to poke his head out of the window. This was obviously not safe at all and we suggested that by installing safety limiting locks he would not be able to open them wide enough.


Mr. B’s sash windows were well maintained so we left them as they were. Firstly we retro-glazed the windows, by taking out all the panes of glass and installing noise reduction glass. This is thicker glass that will help reduce the level of noise entering the flat. The windows were then draught proofed.  The draught proofing also acted as an additional sound barrier. We also installed safety limiters on the windows to make it safer for the curious toddler.


Mr. B was very happy once we have finished working on his windows. The noise was majorly reduced and he could rest in his home quietly without the constant noise of trains and commuters passing the window. With the added draught proofing installed it made a huge difference in making his flat a warmer as well. He was very grateful with the added security limiters on the windows meaning that his toddler was much safer.

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The process we used to resolve this homes’ window issues can be reviewed in more detail on our sash window draught proofing page. Should you require further information please feel free to contact us.

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