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Window Draught Proofing Essex Chelmsford

In this window draught proofing Essex case study Mr. R contacted us as he was about to move into a new house with his wife and new born baby. The house was very cold and draughty and all the windows had become rotten. He was looking for a company that was able to create new double glazed sash windows to fit into the existing boxes. The new sashes Mr. R was looking to have double glazed to help with heat efficiency. He wanted the house to be warm especially with a new born baby.

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When we surveyed Mr. R’s home we saw how draughty it was. We informed him of our draught proofing that we could fit in to reduce this. He also had rot on the frame sides and sills which he had asked for us to repair. They were not shutting properly either and this could be due to un-balanced weights. In this particular case we suggested that double glazing and draught proofing would be the best way for the client to keep the heat in his home.


We had been asked by Mr. R to create new sashes to fix into his existing windows. We used hardwood timber to create bespoke made windows, that were then hand painted to the clients chosen colour. When creating these windows we installed slender double glazing units with Krypton gas cavities. The old frames and sills were restored by stripping the paint and fixing all the rot, it was then re-weighed and re-corded, with a hand painted finish. As his home was rather draughty we installed draught proofing in which would help keep the heat in along with the double glazing.


Mr. R was very happy with his home when we left. The new sashes were working perfectly and with the restored frame everything fitted together well. He was glad that he chose to have the work done. The windows looked much more attractive now. With the newly installed double glazing and draught proofing he could already tell a difference to how much warmer his home now felt. He was able to rest knowing that his wife and baby would feel warmer now in their new home.

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The process we used to resolve this homes’ window issues can be reviewed in more detail on our sash window draught proofing page. Should you require further information please feel free to contact us.

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