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Replacement Windows London – Lambeth

In this replacement windows London case study Mr. N asked for a survey. He had several sash windows in his large Victorian home, of which each had a different type of problem that needed to be resolved. Some were neglected and just required repairs and painting, whilst others were in need of draught proofing.

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Our surveyors went out to visit Mr. N in his home. They noticed that the windows were in relatively good condition and there were only minor repairs that needed doing. The work was mostly on the sills and bottom rails and could easily be restored rather than replaced. The windows that he wanted to have replaced were in the bedroom and we assured Mr. N that we would be able to copy the original style that the rest of his windows followed. As these windows were previously single glazed he wanted the new replacement sash windows to be double glazed in our slender Krypton units.


We started out by working on his windows that just needed restoring. They were taken off site to our workshop for the bottom rails to be restored and be hand painted. The frames and sills were repaired on site and hardwood timber was used to splice in where sectional replacement was required. All these sashes and frames were decorated. In the bedrooms Mr. N had sash windows that had been previously replaced but they had not been done to the standard of the rest of his windows. Our carpenters handcrafted new timber hardwood sash windows that were also double glazed in our slender Krypton cavity units. We made sure that we matched the client’s requirements by copying the moulding profiles and glazing bars. These new sashes were then hand painted to match the newly renovated frames. All the sash windows in his home now looked the same, just as he wanted. The windows were all draught proofed to retain heat and keep the wind out.


Following the restoration and draught proofing there was a noticeable difference in the heat efficiency as the home was a lot warmer. The new sash windows now matched the other windows splendidly. As they had been returned to their original state they were a lot more aesthetically pleasing and matched the whole road which featured original sash windows. Mr. N was very happy with the work carried out on his windows and that his bedroom windows had been replaced to look original.

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The process we used to resolve this homes’ window issues can be reviewed in more detail on our replacement sash windows page. Should you require further information please feel free to contact us.

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