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Replacement Windows London – Islington

In this replacement windows London case study Mrs. R phoned us. She had bought a house for her sons to live in while studying at University. The windows had not previously been well cared for so needed some work to get back to a good standard. The property was in a Conservation area so she needed to make sure that the proper regulations were adhered to.

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The windows were rather old and needed some restoration work done on them to restore them back to their original standard. In her sons bedrooms she wanted the windows to be replaced with new double glazed sashes to ensure they were comfortable in their new house. The new sashes had to match the old design as per the requirements of the Conservation Officer.


The sash windows that she wanted restored were taken off site to be worked on. We stripped off all the paint and routed out the rotten sections. We then repaired all the rotten sections with the repair care 10 year system. The sashes in the bedroom were completely replaced. Our carpenters hand crafted new timber hardwood sash windows and installed Krypton slender cavity double glazed units into the new sashes. We knew that the new units would keep the bedrooms warmer. As it was in a conservation area we made sure that the mouldings and glazing bars matched the others in the road that were still original. While our off-site team made the new sashes and restored the others, our on-site team repaired and decorated the sash frames. Once completed, we brought the sashes to the property where they were re-weighted, re-corded and draught sealed into the existing frames. We then touched up all the paint work to ensure a good result.


Mrs. R was very happy with the work that was carried out on the house. The new double glazed sash windows installed in the bedrooms made the rooms feel a lot warmer. The windows were aesthetically restored and the new sash windows made the home fit in with the rest of the windows on the road. The draught sealing and double glazing ensured that her sons were as comfortable as possible in the newly renovated flat.

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The process we used to resolve this homes’ window issues can be reviewed in more detail on our replacement sash windows page. Should you require further information please feel free to contact us.

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