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Replacement Windows East Sussex – Hastings

In this replacement windows East Sussex Mr. O contacted us as he needed advice about the state of his windows. They were in a dire state of disrepair, most of the bottom rails were falling out and he was rather worried about the glass falling out and causing injury to somebody.

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Our surveyor visited the property and the bottom rails and sills had an extensive amount of rot. The sash windows were beyond economical repair and we suggested that the best option would be to have complete replacement sashes made up. New sashes could be made to fit in the existing boxes. We assured him that we were able to copy the style of his windows so they would all be in suit with each other.


The frames were in need of repair and this was done on site in his home. We repaired the rotten sections of the sills by removing it and placing in a new hardwood section. The paint work was all removed and then the frames were fully restored. Following the repair process we hand painted the frames. Our joinery team manufactured new slender double glazed hardwood sashes.  We made sure that the mouldings and glazing bars were exactly replicated. We installed the new sashes into the existing frames. As we had added double glazing, we re-weighed and re-corded the sashes and draught proofed them into the newly refurbished frames.


Mr. O had very nice looking windows that were heat efficient. As all the rot had been removed he did not have to worry about the glass falling out and anyone being injured anymore. The windows were now all identical which is just as he had wanted them. By not replacing the frames he has saved a good amount of money which helped make his Christmas shopping a lot more enjoyable.

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The process we used to resolve this homes’ window issues can be reviewed in more detail on our replacement sash windows page. Should you require further information please feel free to contact us.

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