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North London Door Restoration – Transforming a Property’s Appearance

Original features are at the very heart of a heritage property. Unfortunately, many property owners rush to replace period features when age starts to take its toll. At Fortis & Hooke, we think there is a better way.

Fortis & Hooke Case Study

The front door is hugely important for period properties. It provides a grand entrance, a first impression and a focal point of your home’s façade. It also says a lot about how you care for your property. With all that in mind, you want your front door to impress and match the style of your period home.

That’s exactly what was needed by our customer in North London, whose original door was in desperate need of restoration. Read on to see how we restored their door and revitalised their beautiful London home.


North London has some of the UK’s most beautiful period properties. With the property boom over the last two decades, they are also some of the country’s most valuable. A well-kept front door is vital for both of these aspects – maintaining a home’s style and preserving its value.

That was the concern of our customer in North London, who contacted us for an inspection on their property’s front door. The door stood out on an otherwise wonderful property. It looked tired on the outside, with the interior paint beginning to flake. On closer inspection, the wood had begun to decay around the locks and letterbox.

Even worse, the door’s function matched its sub-par appearance. Draughts had become a normality for our customer, who was having to pay even more to heat their home throughout the year. In short, the door was letting them down.

North London Door Restoration – Transforming a Property’s Appearance


North London Door Restoration – Transforming a Property’s Appearance

Fortunately, with Fortis & Hooke, no door is a lost cause. We believe in restoring original wooden doors wherever possible, so our customers don’t have to compromise on style and character for their period home.

The door was removed from the property and temporarily replaced with a bespoke wooden replacement for the 14-day restoration period. This allows us to minimise disruption and take the existing door to our workshop, where repairs can be completed without the interference of weather or day-to-day use.

In our workshop, we began by hand-stripping the door to remove all existing paint. Our team were then able to treat problem areas around the letterbox and locks, before completely repainting the door by hand.


All our restorations are completely bespoke. We work to the specific requirements of our customers, their properties and their beautiful wooden fixtures. On this restoration, our customer chose Farrow & Ball Wevet for the door’s interior, with a Georgian-inspired Inchyra Blue gloss for the exterior.

To maximise efficiency when the door was reinstalled, we also completed a comprehensive draught-proofing process. This includes a complete sealing around the door, to block out cold air in winter and hot air in summer. So, a comfortable home all-year-round with no more inflated energy bills for our customer.

North London Door Restoration – Transforming a Property’s Appearance
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