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Muswell Hill Door Restoration – Repairing Cracked Edwardian Doors

Original features are at the very heart of a heritage property. Unfortunately, many property owners rush to replace period features when age starts to take its toll. At Fortis & Hooke, we think there is a better way.

Fortis & Hooke Case Study

The entranceway is one of the most striking and immediately noticeable features on any property, but that’s even more true when it comes to older and more distinguished buildings. For one client in Muswell Hill, their original Edwardian doors were one of the main selling points of their home’s outer façade, but damage sustained during an emergency meant they were looking worse for wear.

Fortunately, thanks to our famed Longaevitas technique and close collaboration with a team of stained-glass specialists, we were able to not only rescue the door, but restore it to its former brilliance. As a result, our client was delighted that the turbulent turn of events did not also adversely affect their property’s beautiful external aesthetic.


The Fortis & Hooke team were initially called out to inspect a pair of early 20th century doors on a residential property in Muswell Hill, London. The owners had recently been through an emergency, during which the fire brigade had to be summoned and gained forced entry through the doorway. In their haste, unavoidable injury was sustained by the Edwardian door panels in question.

There was significant damage to the stile (vertical supporting frame for the panels) of the door, as well as unignorable cracking on the stained-glass windows. In order to render the entranceway both serviceable and aesthetically pleasing once more, Fortis & Hooke had to undertake a comprehensive restoration of both doors and contact a specialist in stained glass to complete the job.

Muswell Hill Door Restoration – Repairing Cracked Edwardian Doors


Muswell Hill Door Restoration – Repairing Cracked Edwardian Doors

The first phase of the project involved carefully extracting the original doors and relocating them to our workshop, to allow us the time, care and attention necessary to perform a professional job. In the interim, a temporary wooden door was put in place to cause minimal disruption to the daily routine of the homeowner.

Co-ordinating our efforts with the stained-glass specialists, we first removed the original windows and allowed them to install temporary glass to act as a placeholder while we carried out our patented Longaevitas technique. After stripping, strengthening, painting and sealing the door, as well as mounting a new locking mechanism, new glass was installed and a final coat of paint was administered onsite.


According to the client’s wishes, the inner surface of the door was painted in Eggshell Dove, while the outer façade was treated to a coat of Satinwood Noble Grey. The final product was one that retained all of the charm and charisma of the original Edwardian door frames, but with a new lease of life that is sure to last for many years to come.

Through our teamwork with the stained-glass specialists and our unfailing dedication to retaining the original aesthetic of the building, Fortis & Hooke demonstrated our ability to overcome all challenges, regardless of how serious or insurmountable they might seem. Thanks to those efforts, we were able to deliver an outstanding outcome and another incredibly satisfied customer.

Muswell Hill Door Restoration – Repairing Cracked Edwardian Doors
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