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Door Restoration in Carshalton – An Entire House Renovation

Original features are at the very heart of a heritage property. Unfortunately, many property owners rush to replace period features when age starts to take its toll. At Fortis & Hooke, we think there is a better way.

Fortis & Hooke Case Study

As the first thing that a guest will notice when visiting a house, the door is a crucial aspect of its aesthetic. Any homeowner planning a full renovation of their property would be remiss not to make front door restoration a top priority.

That’s why, when it came to restoring the door of a home in Carshalton that was undergoing a complete renovation, we knew it was the perfect candidate for our innovative Longaevitas system. Working closely with the homeowners and our industry partners, we were able to provide a complete service incorporating every aspect of the door’s restoration.

Now, the clients can boast a property that gleams with the sheen of a recent refurbishment but still retains the charm and tradition of the Victorian and Georgian architecture surrounding it.


For this project, we were contacted by property renovation experts Francis Love Limited, who were undertaking an entire house renovation for a client in Carshalton. Given that the front door comprises such an integral part of any building’s façade, the client was keen to give it a thorough makeover, as well as upgrading some of its security and structural features.

Primarily, this consisted of adjusting the position of the locks, which the customer found inconvenient, as well as revamping other aspects of the door furniture, including the letterbox. The client also stipulated that they would like the new door to be draught-proofed to provide additional heating insulation to their home.

Door Restoration in Carshalton – An Entire House Renovation


Door Restoration in Carshalton – An Entire House Renovation

As is standard practice with any door restoration project we undertake, we first removed the door and installed a temporary wooden replacement. This measure allows us to take the time and care we need to ensure a quality restoration is achieved, while incurring minimal inconvenience for the homeowner in the interim.

We then removed all traces of the pre-existing black paint from the door manually, as well as taking off the numbers, letterbox and locks. We filled in the holes made by the now absent locks and treated the timber to our Longaevitas treatment, restoring it to its former glory. Our team repainted it by hand, using the customer’s choice of Fired Earth Carbon Blue Paint in eggshell finish for the exterior and Dulux White Satinwood for the internal elevation.


As well as providing the expertise and excellence of our Longaevitas system, which includes stripping the wood, repairing, repainting and draught-sealing the timber, we were also able to coordinate with Banham’s to oversee the modification of the door’s current locking system. By removing the pre-existing locks and filling in the holes, all that was left for Banham’s to do was insert the new ones.

By doing so, we achieved a smooth and stylish end result with minimum inconvenience to the homeowner. They now boast a fully renovated house with a resplendent front door, which exemplifies the care and attention brought to the project and underlines the natural aesthetic values of the property as a whole. Simply put? It’s a stunning end product.

Door Restoration in Carshalton – An Entire House Renovation
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