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A precious commodity

There are many contributing factors to the rise in popularity of period homes, and one of those is simply availability. While the number of period properties is finite, new-build homes are readily available. This means period homes are decreasing as a proportion of the property market, making them more of a precious commodity.

But the increase in new-builds works to highlight the advantages of period homes too. Their formulaic appearance sharply contrasts the unique character of Georgian and Stuart properties. And buyers are becoming increasingly aware of new-build problems like thin walls, compared to the solid reputation of period homes.

The importance of authenticity

As well as the quality of the homes themselves, the popularity of period homes reflects a shift towards quality and tradition more broadly. People have become tired of the mass-produced, unauthentic world. You only have to look to the rise in homemade and artisan products to see this in action.

Whether it’s furniture, artwork or even food, people are leaning towards the unique and well-crafted. And this extends to homes too. Homeowners don’t want bland. They want personality. Much like artisan food and handcrafted furniture, period homes have a story, a meaning and an unmatchable charm. It’s impossible to recreate this charm in new-build properties, which makes period properties even more desirable to those searching for a truly unique home to call their own.

Working with the trends

In recent years, the design world has become centred around ideas of tradition and authenticity. In 2016, we became obsessed with Danish ‘hygge’ – finding pleasure in comfort, familiarity and warmth. And now in 2017, we see Lagom taking over.

Lagom is a Swedish way of life centred around balance and simplicity. Translating literally as “just the right amount”, lagom has made design about modesty, rather than excess and extreme. It’s these characteristics that make modern design go hand in hand with period homes.

The Victorians, Georgians and Stuarts built homes for function. Modest in design, the homes are full of features that we have come to appreciate over time. Beautiful sash windows, beams and fireplaces are attractive without being brash and excessive.

Accentuating the best bits

Period properties offer something that no other home can match. And if you’re a period property owner, it’s important to make the most of the best features of your home. Fortis & Hooke offer a range of restoration services for original wooden windows and doors.

With our restoration, repair and renovation services, your windows and doors can be restored to their full function and beauty, without damaging their unique heritage. For more information, call us on 0800 313 4688 or contact us online.

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