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Energy efficient products

Many people instinctively believe that to save energy they need to use appliances less. Sure, turning things off when they’re not being used is a good method of saving energy. But another way you can save is by investing in energy efficient products.

These appliances, like fridges, TVs and even light bulbs, will save you energy every time you use them without compromising on the job being done. Your boiler is no different. An old boiler could be costing you far more than a new, energy efficient boiler would. Over time, energy efficient products will easily save you the money you spend on them – and much more.

Draught exclusion

As well as an efficient boiler, another way you can reduce your bills is to ensure the heat you do pay for isn’t escaping from your home. Draughty windows and doors are a big problem. They let heat slip out of your home, whilst giving the cold external air a way in. The solution? Draught excluders and thermal curtains go some way to tackling the issue, but professional draught proofing of doors and windows provides a foolproof and permanent solution.

Also working to keep heat in your home is loft insulation. It’s no secret that heat rises, so making sure the top of your home is well insulated is key to keeping costs down. Already insulated? Homes with insulated lofts can be optimised by having the insulation thickened.


Now for a tip not so many will be familiar with. Foil. Yes – foil. Lining the walls behind your radiators with foil can make your radiators more efficient at heating your home. How? It makes heat reflect back into each room, instead of going into the wall. This means you’ll be able to turn the thermostat down a touch, as your radiators will be much more effective.

And how about the thermostat as a way to save money? Some people reduce energy usage by switching it off more, but in fact turning it down just a degree or two when it’s on can save you money too. It’s important to keep your home’s temperature at a comfortable level – usually above 18°C – but there’s no need to have your heating working harder than it needs to. Turn down from 23°C to 21°C  and you’ll notice a real difference in your bills.


Draught proofing your windows

Hoping to improve your home’s energy efficiency? Before you replace your original sash windows, take a look at the sash window draft proofing system from Fortis & Hooke. It has been fully tested to ensure your original windows offer the modern convenience draft proofing brings and heating costs are kept to a minimum.

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