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The preservation of original windows and doors is the most environmentally friendly option.

Read more: In most cases, the preservation of your original timber windows and doors is the best-case scenario for the environment. A study done by Greenpeace supports this view:

“… However, even without taking into account environmental impacts of major pollutants, the report finds PVC to be the worst of the options it considered for windows and floors. This is because timber and linoleum use less energy, contribute less to global warming gases, use fewer non-renewable resources and generate less waste.”

The report also warns of the dangers alternatives pose:

“The production and disposal of PVC-u windows leads to the release of highly poisonous chemicals which threaten the environment and human health. PVC-u production involves no less than six of the fifteen most hazardous chemicals listed by European governments for priority elimination. Timber is a sustainable resource. As long as the timber is sourced from properly managed forests and care is taken in the choice of preservatives, paints and stains, timber windows are by far the best environmental choice.”

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