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The first and arguably most important, thing with sash windows are to inspect them regularly. Ideally once a year, you should look for any typical signs of decay, with professional inspections recommended every five years or so. Here are some tell-tale signs to look for:


  • Flaky paintwork: Internally, this could indicate water ingress. You should leave the external inspection to a professional, who may recommend repainting.
  • Jamming Windows: This could be an issue with the cords, timber or even paint.
  • Broken glass: Simple to replace, difficult to put up with.
  • Insufficient putty: Could be the cause of draughts, but can also be dangerous if the glass isn’t held properly.
  • Broken or frayed cords: If your cords don’t work, your windows won’t open properly. Given the size and weight of the windows, forcing them open can be highly dangerous.
  • Wood decay: Loose corners, cracked surfaces and rail damage are all easy to spot – and easy to fix – for a professional.


To avoid problems cropping up, there are certain things you can keep on top of. One of these things is painting. Getting windows painted regularly can avoid paint flaking, which will stop more serious problems like wood decay and rot. The key thing here is to get a professional sash window painting service.

Sash windows aren’t your usual paint job, and there are some issues that arise from improper painting. Even skilled decorators find it hard to avoid typical issues:

  • Painted cords – causing the windows to jam
  • Failure to remove previous paint or excess timber
  • Paint interfering with draught-proofing mechanisms
  • Damage to glass by paint or scratching
  • Even windows being painted shut in some cases.


Draught proofing

Getting your sash windows draught proofed will protect them from harsh weather as well as making your home more energy efficient. This will minimise the risk of problems like dirt ingress, draughts and rattling occurring over time as well as ensuring they are optimised for sound proofing.

Don’t ignore

It may seem obvious, but the final tip is to deal with problems immediately. If left untreated, a problem as small as flaky paintwork can develop into something much more serious. If you notice your glass is damaged, consider glass replacement as soon as possible. You can even get double glazing without damaging the original timber, which will ensure your windows are set to last for generations.


Retaining heritage


At Fortis and Hooke, we specialise in carrying out the key repair and restoration services essential for keeping your sash windows in tip-top shape. If you want to ensure your windows last for years to come without damaging their original beauty, get in touch today for a free inspection and quote. You can call us on 0800 313 4688 or email info@fortishooke.co.uk.

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