Unfortunately, some products, methods, and materials gain more attention than others. This leads to some negative effects being overlooked. Timber, for instance, can have a huge impact on the environment, but not so many people consider that when they’re buying wooden furniture. Read on to see why sustainable timber is so important.


The main problem that can come from unsustainable timber is deforestation. Destroying forests without sufficient management and reforestation is a disaster for the environment. Not only are forests vital as a habitat for a huge number of species, they also go some way to countering the rising levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere by capturing and storing the gas.

So biodiversity takes a big hit and carbon dioxide continues to rise uncontrollably. And with insufficient reforestation, the practice of hacking down forests is also detrimental to the wood supply for the future. Trees don’t shoot up overnight, and eventually, with unsustainable deforestation, there won’t be any wood left.

Going sustainable

There is a solution, though. Namely, sustainable wood. Sustainably managed forests ensure that ecosystems aren’t damaged when trees are chopped down. With continuous reforestation, they focus on the long-term outlook, rather than short-term effort and profit. Generally, sustainable forests work in cycles, whereby old trees are felled and new trees are planted every few years.

But reforestation isn’t a ‘one size fits all’ solution. Softwood is easier to make sustainable as it comes from relatively fast-growing trees such as pine and fir. Hardwood, on the other hand, comes from slow-growing trees like oak. As a result, it has to be managed very carefully to be made sustainable, with much longer cycles. But it isn’t impossible.

Environmental awareness

At Fortis & Hooke, we ensure all our practices are fully in line with our environmental policy. We strive to restore and repair original wooden sash windows not only to retain their heritage and authenticity but also to remove the need for disposal of old windows. Whether burning or simply contributing to landfills, needless window disposal is yet another problem for the environment.

If all else fails and you do require a sash window replacement service, we only use hardwood from sustainable sources. This means that your windows will last longer. Hardwood is strong, durable and incredibly long-lasting, so you won’t have to replace again. But also, because we ensure our sources are sustainable, you can rest assured your windows have not contributed to the negative impact of deforestation on the environment.

If your sash windows are in a poor state, don’t despair. With a free, no-obligation survey from Fortis & Hooke, you will receive a detailed quote and a clear explanation of our proposed solutions. Taking the windows from your property to our workshop, they will be repaired and restored without the hassle and mess of workmen in your home. For more information, give our team a call on 0800 313 4688 or email info@fortishooke.co.uk.

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