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Issues London home-owners experience with sash windows

Sash windows have been the preferred window choice for a long time but after years of use, sash windows develop problems due to various reasons. Some people opt for replacement when these windows cause problems. If you live in a period home, you will surely have concerns with your sash windows. Such problems are commonly caused by dust and dirt that have accrued through the years. If you have repainted your windows multiple times, like most people do, the old paint could have accumulated as well which will cause either partial damage or total damage to your sash windows and the glass panels.

Another problem may be the deterioration of the putty that holds the sash window glass in place. The continuous exposure of the putty to the different types of climates through the years can cause it to harden and eventually crack.

Decaying window sills are also an issue that must be addressed early on as this will save you the cost of replacing the entire window sill.

Such snags, if untreated, will affect the pleasure these windows can bring their owners.

Luckily, there is another option. Instead of replacing these windows we offer a sash window restoration service. Not only will this option save you time and effort it will, in the long run, save you the cost of having all your windows replaced.

What does our sash window restoration service provide?

The result of this system is two-fold:

  1. You get windows that look great, move great and are much more heat-efficient.
  2. The underlying factors that could cause the windows to rot, flake or rattle are resolved.

We propagate renovation rather than replacement because this will ensure original windows are retained without the shortcomings and issues that have developed over the years.

The Fortis & Hooke restoration process is so extensive that it is easier to illustrate the process with a case study. Read below how our comprehensive process has enabled Mr J to retain the windows of his family home. If you need more information, you can also visit our main sash window restoration page.

Sash window restoration London case study

One of our customers, Mr. J came to us with a problem with his sash windows. He told us that he has been living in the same house for over thirty years with his family. Now, being a proud single parent of two boys, he tried his best to keep the house intact by doing both major and minor repairs himself. When we surveyed his home, we found out that he has done a marvelous paint job both outside and inside the house. He has, however had a huge problem when it came to the sash windows, the glass panels and the window sills. Through the years of painting and repainting over the windows, the putty has hardened and cracked. Dust and dirt have formed and accumulated in the crevices of the cracks which in turn caused the sashes to move rather badly. One of his windows did not open because the cord was broken. Some of the panes of glass was also cracked or broken. The window sills in his kitchen were also badly damaged due to their elevation. They bore the grunt of the weather and showed signs of rot even though he had maintained the windows pretty well.

Mr. J consulted us in order to assess the damage sustained by his windows and to find out how much replacement of all the windows in his house would cost. After we had assessed the situation in Mr. J’s home, we gave him a rough estimate of the cost of replacing all the windows in his home, but told him that it is better for him to opt for restoration and minor replacements rather than replacing everything. We gave him another estimate; this time for the restoration. He was very pleased with the alternative to have his windows restored.

The solution

The first thing that we did was to remove or cover anything that would collect dust by using dust sheets. We then proceeded in removing the bottom sash carefully by cutting the cord and without damaging the existing paint. The top sash was then removed as cautiously as possible. Next, the damaged sills were fixed by splicing new wood and adding some epoxy to strengthen the bond and to prevent future water buildup. The sashes were taken to our workshop where they were stripped, repaired and re-painted. The frames were repaired and painted in situ. We then returned the sashes to all the frames, re-corded, re-weighted and overhauled them followed by full draught sealing.

The Result

Mr. J’s windows were restored, cleaned, repaired and some minor parts replaced. We ensured that all windows were waterproof and draught sealed. Mr. J was satisfied with the outcome and he was glad that he agreed to the restoration alternative. Not only did he save a lot of money for repairs, but the windows in his house will also last for years.

If you have any problems with your windows, we do major and minor repairs and restoration. You can check out our main sash window restoration pages for more information. Don’t hesitate to call us. We are here to help.

A dedicated team of knowledgeable experts

We have several teams of skilled operatives covering Greater London to ensure our sash window restoration service is delivered to the highest standards. The teams can offer solutions for small residential properties, but also deal with larger commercial ventures.

How to contact our London surveyors?

We have trained surveyors on staff to ensure we can provide a knowledgeable solution to all window owners’ sash window concerns. Our London surveyors have seen thousands of sash windows in varying states of disrepair. We can assess the condition of the windows and provide a bespoke solution. If you need a professional opinion and recommendation for your windows, please contact us to arrange a free, non-obligation survey.

How does our restoration process differ from others?

Our competitors in London tend to use “restoration” as the term to describe their process to draught seal, overhaul and repair sash windows. At Fortis & Hooke we believe that restoration should include every possible phase to ensure the windows are not only mechanically sound and sealed, but also properly painted. We can remove your sashes to our workshop where they will be fully restored and painted before returning them to your home.

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