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Energy efficient window types

It may surprise you to hear, but no one particular window style is innately energy efficient. Instead, it is how we adapt and improve these windows that makes them better for insulation or draught proofing. Sash windows are no different. If they have become damaged, been left to decay or simply never been renovated, then they will probably have pretty poor energy efficiency.

Making sash windows energy efficient

So with this in mind, how can you make your sash windows energy efficient? Some companies will suggest uPVC alternatives as the most energy efficient option. But this is completely unnecessary and could damage the look and value of your home. In fact, there are a number of simple renovations that can make your sash windows better for insulation and weather resistance:

  • Draught-proofing: To stop heat escaping, you have to ensure there are no gaps in your windows for draughts. An integrated draught-sealing system will stop air getting through key areas of the window. Beading will be fitted to the timber panels to create an air-tight seal and smooth plane between the two sashes. The windows will also be checked for broken putty to eliminate the possibility of draughts entering around the window’s glass pane.
  • Glass replacement and improvement: As well as broken putty around the glass, your windows may simply have inadequate weather protection from their glass. Double glazing can solve this with ease. An experienced sash window company can install double glazing on original hardwood sash windows, giving you a perfect combination of heat efficiency and authentic heritage.
  • A full restoration: Including both of these key services, a full restoration of your sash windows is the best way to ensure they are optimal in terms of energy efficiency. As well as draught-proofing and replacing inadequate glass, a full sash window restoration will ensure any other issues – such as protective repainting – are dealt with to a high standard. This will eliminate any damage to your windows that could develop over time, leaving you will energy efficient and long-lasting sash windows.

Don’t replace your sash windows

 If you are concerned about the energy efficiency of your sash windows, you don’t have to pay over the odds for expensive replacements. At Fortis & Hooke, we can make any sash windows more energy efficient by renovating and restoring them with draught-sealing, double glazing and important repairs.

Our team of sash window specialists will ensure your windows are energy efficient for years to come. For more information, call us on 0800 313 4688, email info@fortishooke.co.uk or contact us online using our quick and easy enquiry form.

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