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There are many reasons as to why you would need sash window restoration services. Sash windows are elegant and classic windows that have been around for a very long time. If you love the original character that they bring to your home, you may opt to restore these windows rather than replace them. This can be a more cost-effective approach and the restoration process only really needs to be done every few years at least, although some restorations can last for several decades.

Older sash windows are easier to restore

You should never want to wait until your sash windows are in complete disrepair to restore them, as this will make it a more complicated and expensive process. Regularly maintaining and repairing your sash windows as necessary can prevent a more costly restoration process. Some companies are quick to sell you replacement windows, but these are never quite the same as the original sash windows on your historic-looking home. What you may not know is that while the older windows were made to be repaired, some modern options are just made to be replaced. Old sash windows can be easily taken apart to be restored as necessary to make your windows feel new while retaining a classic look that you love.

Older sash windows have a more durable material

There are a few reasons why you should go through the restoration process instead of getting replacement windows, aside from just the expensive of sash window replacement. One major reason is because of the quality of the wood. There’s nothing quite like the quality of the hardwood that these windows were originally made of, which were made to last. Today, softer and less aesthetically appealing woods are used to make replacement windows. Even materials like the newer vinyl options don’t stand up as well in comparison to the hardwoods that are classically used for these windows.

Older sash windows preserve the home’s character

Another major reason people choose to restore these types of windows is because of the character and integrity of their classic home. Replacing the windows could potentially change the look of your home, even if you replace them with similar-looking windows. New windows against an older home don’t always look as amazing, which is why sash window restoration can be an excellent option. Between the quality materials and the high level of craftsmanship, there’s just something unbeatable about older windows. These are windows that were specifically designed for your home, so it can be important to do what you can to keep these windows.

I want to restore my sash windows

If you are looking for a sash window restoration company, make sure you find a company with a solid reputation. By reading through reviews, you can find a company that specializes in restoring these older windows to give them new life without sacrificing the aesthetic appeal. You should also get recommendations from people whom you trust. Get quotes and work with the company that you feel comfortable working with. Sash windows restoration is the perfect solution to ensure that you can keep the original character of your home for many more years to come.

Pieter Boyce - Wooden Window and door specialist

Pieter Boyce
Wooden Window and Door Specialist

This article was written on behalf of Fortis & Hooke by Pieter Boyce. Pieter has an intense passion for English Architectural history and has been specialising in the conservation of original wooden windows and doors for decades. His exceptional knowledge of timber windows and doors, both listed or non-listed, is attributed to his hands-on approach to learning all aspects of the complete restoration of original features as well as having personally surveyed thousands of items throughout his long tenure as a head surveyor for one of the largest window and door restoration companies in the UK. He now runs a boutique wooden window and door consultancy and fervently champions the retention of original windows and doors. To learn more of Pieter’s services, visit his website at www.boultonboyce.co.uk.

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