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Sash windows are highly versatile. They can allow you to control how much air gets into the property. They are also very easy to operate and don’t have to rely on electrical components. For this reason, they are used in buildings all over England. However, without proper maintenance, they might start to become harder to operate. Thankfully, you can easily overcome these problems. Let’s look at some of the ways you can perform sash window renovations.

Assess the damage

When considering a renovation, the first thing you should do is assess the extent of the damage. When doing this, you would want to remove the window from its frame. This will allow you to get a better indication of some of the problems that you might encounter.

Inspecting the window

When inspecting the window, you should look at the condition of the frame. For example, you should check if it is starting to show signs of rot. In addition, you should check that everything is still aligned correctly. Occasionally, when moisture is applied to the frame, it might bend or twist. You can check this using a leveller. You should also carefully assess the glass. Look for small cracks or any build-ups of dirt. If this is the case, you might need to have the window replaced.

Creating a list

As you start to notice these problems, you should make a list. Once you have finished your inspection, you will need to prioritize tasks on the list according to the most important problems present. For example, the rot in the frame should be fixed before you can a faded paint job. Once you know the order in which the tasks need to be completed, you can get to work. Before you start the project though, you should check that you have all the necessary approvals. If you aren’t allowed to conduct the renovations, you might have to pay a hefty fine to the local authorities.

Consider the final appearance

When you are working, you might want to keep thinking about the way the final window will appear. This should be more in-depth than just the kind of finish that you want. For example, you might have to consider the type of materials that you will use. Using the original materials can give the final product a more heritage appearance. However, this might not look good if you are building a modern home. You might also want to think about things like what type of glaze you want to install. This might affect how the window looks and how efficient it is. By always thinking about the final product, you will be able to ensure that you end up with sash windows that you are happy with.

Know how long it will take

One of the benefits of doing up a checklist is the ability to know how long the renovations will take. For example, it might take a few days, or a few weeks, depending on how extensively you will need to change the windows. Once you know how long it will take, you can plan appropriately. For example, you might need to place some tarping around the exposed window frame during the project. This will ensure that rain doesn’t enter the house, damaging the property. In addition, you will know long you need to book specialized equipment. Unless there is an urgent problem, you shouldn’t feel any rush to start the job. By taking your time to plan it out properly, you will be able to avoid potential problems and ensure the renovation goes smoothly.

Manage your budget

Before undertaking any major project, it’s important that you understand your budget. Depending on the size of the sash windows restorations, you might want to plan out how much each phase will cost. Once you understand these costs, it would be wise to increase the amount of money required by 10 per cent. This will ensure that you have enough money to complete the project. Having a half-finished window in your property can be a very embarrassing situation. It might also present a security risk, as people can use it to get into your property.

Book professional services in advance

If you intend to use a professional service during your restoration, you should make sure to consult with them in advance. This will ensure that you choose the right service for the job. In addition, by consulting with multiple companies, you will be able to better understand the price that you will need to pay. You can also get a better sense of the different levels of service that each company offers. In addition, you might want to consult online reviews. This will help you understand the type of experience that other people had when working with that service.

Maintaining the windows

After you’ve finished the renovation, you should make sure that your windows look good for as long as possible. This means performing regular maintenance activities on the sash windows. There are several things that you will need to do. For example, you will need to ensure that you clean the windows frequently. This will prevent dirt from building on the windows and causing them to crack. In addition, you might want to consider adjusting the pulley system occasionally. This will determine how difficult it will be to raise or lower the window. Finally, you might want to monitor the paintwork. When exposed to temperature extremes, the paint might start to crack. If this is the case, you might need to apply another coat, to keep it looking great. Depending on where you live, you may need to do this every few years.

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While it can be appealing to renovate sash windows yourself. The process might not be as simple as it first appears. To avoid any problems, you should manage the renovations properly. We provided several tips to help you do this. Now, you can start preparing for your sash windows renovations with confidence.

Pieter Boyce - Wooden Window and door specialist

Pieter Boyce
Wooden Window and Door Specialist

This article was written on behalf of Fortis & Hooke by Pieter Boyce. Pieter has an intense passion for English Architectural history and has been specialising in the conservation of original wooden windows and doors for decades. His exceptional knowledge of timber windows and doors, both listed or non-listed, is attributed to his hands-on approach to learning all aspects of the complete restoration of original features as well as having personally surveyed thousands of items throughout his long tenure as a head surveyor for one of the largest window and door restoration companies in the UK. He now runs a boutique wooden window and door consultancy and fervently champions the retention of original windows and doors. To learn more of Pieter’s services, visit his website at www.boultonboyce.co.uk.

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