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If your sash windows have become old, worn and are no longer working properly, you’ll surely be thinking about getting them fixed, or even replaced. But which is best?

Having your windows working properly is essential for your home’s insulation, not to mention its appearance. Keep reading to see which solution is best for you.


Tell-tale signs

The first step in deciding your course of action is to determine exactly what is wrong with your windows. An experienced, professional surveyor is best for this. They can detect signs of untreated rot and decay, which – if it has spread – can be a real problem. If this is the case, your windows might need replacing. However, in most cases, restoration and repair is the best option.

Far too often, companies suggest window replacement as the suitable solution. Your windows are removed completely, without an attempt to solve the problem. What you’re left with is a poor replacement that doesn’t replicate the original heritage and style of the window.


What can be restored?

There are a number of seemingly serious problems that can be solved by a thorough restoration. Sill damage, frame decay, and joint tearing are some common problems with the window’s timber. But they’re not signs you need to replace. Installing a new hardwood section on the sill, for instance, will resolve that problem instantly.

Other issues like water ingress and draughtiness are similarly treatable. Upon inspection, a surveyor can get to the root of the problem. Glass replacement, double glazing, draught proofing and putty replacement are all part of sash window restoration, and can be completed without affecting the aesthetic appeal of your windows. Getting these issues taken care of will ensure your windows will be working efficiently for years to come without the need for a costly and unnecessary replacement.


Weighing up the pros and cons

So, other than cost, what are the benefits of restoration? One of the key advantages is quality. Having sash windows restored retains their unique selling point – their heritage. Sash windows are a unique feature in your home. Getting them replaced by a poor replica or uPVC alternative ultimately diminishes their appeal.

But what about the inconvenience of restoration? Most people picture a team of workers in their home, interfering with daily life, making lots of noise, and leaving a big mess. The reality of sash window restoration is far from this. Fortis & Hooke will remove the windows from your home and complete the restoration in a specialist workshop. Meaning no mess, no disturbance, and a quicker process.


Sash window specialists

At Fortis & Hooke we have developed innovative systems and methods to restore sash windows. In many cases, careful restoration of original wooden windows is a viable alternative to full replacement.

If your sash windows are in need of repair and restoration, give our specialist team a call on 0800 313 4688 or email info@fortishooke.co.uk. Alternatively, you can request a free, no-obligation survey and quote using our online contact form.

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