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Sashes can encounter different issues to other types of windows, so it is important to be on the lookout for these unique problems. For example, sometimes sash windows have a tendancy to stick, usually because of paint accumulation or a wrongly positioned or distorted stoppage bead (internal perimeter strip). Both of these issues are relatively easy to resolve; it’s occasionally necessary to adjust the sash weights as well as re-cording the sashes or even trimming a warped frame. Lubricating pulleys and waxing sash edges can also be helpful to avoid issues in the future.

Here at Fortis & Hooke our team can tackle any sash window repair from trimming to more complex restoration and improvement measures such as draught-proofing or replacing sections of rotting timber. Fitting a cam-action catch is an additional option to help with draughts and sash wedges may also be fitted.

One of the main causes of damage to Sash windows is excessive wear or overuse of wooden components, this can cause the sashes to move too freely which can then cause the horizontal rails to settle out of level instead of overlapping as they should. Running surfaces must be kept smooth and stop beads should be repositioned.

Re-edging of the sashes isn’t always required but it’s a step that can be taken if windows are particularly beaten up and aged.

Painting your sash windows frequently will help you to prevent decay and it is possible to get specialist sash brushes with pointed ends which should enable you to achieve a nice neat finish. The only other part that may need occasional renewal are the sash cords themselves.

How should I replace sash windows?

The installation of new sash windows in an old building can be done, but typically only in a situation where other methods have been exhausted or the house currently has inappropriately-styled modern windows.

If you are looking to build a period extension then sash windows can be used but it is better to consult the experts before you start a project like that.

We specialise in the restoration and replacement of sash windows so for if you have any further questions then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with a member of our team.

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