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12 Spectacular Period Properties to Visit in London in 2017

The likes of Hampton Court, Kensington and Buckingham Palace are obvious examples of these grand period structures. But away from the Royal family, there are a number of beautiful and intriguing buildings. Read on for our pick of the best London period properties.

The Tudor period

Sutton House (1535) – Sutton House is a rare red brick building with surviving Tudor windows. Originally named Bryck Place, the house has a rich and varied history of tenants through the ages.

The Stuart period

Ham House (1610) – Situated on the Thames in West London, Ham House is often considered a complete survival of 17th century fashion and power.

Kenwood House (1616) – This majestic former stately home is surrounded by the beautiful garden of Hampstead Heath.

Kew Palace (1631) – Grade I listed Dutch House is the main survivor of Kew Palace’s original set up, which is built on the undercroft of an even older 16th-century building.

Fenton House (1686) – A large detached home with beautiful walled gardens. The building is home to a collection of historical instruments, paintings and furniture.

Dr Johnson’s House (1690s) – Built towards the end of the 17th century, this rare five-story townhouse was home to Samuel Johnson. It was here he wrote the first ever English Dictionary.

The Georgian period

William Morris Gallery (1744) – A beautiful piece of domestic Georgian architecture, this property was home to the famous designer and socialist William Morris. It is now dedicated to telling the story of his life and work.

Spencer House (~1760) – An incredible aristocratic palace with neo-classical interiors, built originally for John Spencer.

Apsley House (1770s) – Commissioned by Henry Bathurst in 1771, this is possibly the best preserved aristocratic townhouse in England.

Osterley Park and House (1780s) – Set within its own park, Osterley House is presented as it were in the 1780s. From its formal gardens to the preserved interiors, Osterley is a step back in time.

The Victorian period

Red House (1859) – Another home of William Morris, Red House is a significant example of 19th-century British architecture designed by Morris himself.

Leighton House (~1866) – The former home of Victorian artist Frederic Leighton, this redbrick building has aesthetic interiors inspired by Leighton’s time in the Middle East.

Period property restoration

After hundreds of years, these beautiful period properties are still well preserved for us to enjoy. How? Restoration has a big part to play. By restoring key features, owners have been able to renew their beauty without damaging their heritage.

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