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Period-style door restoration

One of the most striking features of many period properties is a grand wooden front door but in some cases they can allow significant amounts of energy to leave the building, particularly if they have been badly maintained over time.

Fortunately, for those who want to retain the brilliance of the original feature, but also want to eliminate draughts and reduce noise, we  provide an excellent wooden door restoration service; not only does this mean we will bring your door back to life but the service also includes updating the door’s energy efficiency, meaning that you can retain the aesthetics of a beautiful front door without suffering the prolonged and costly expenditure associated with poor insulation.

 Roof insulation

Addressing your roof can have a big impact on the energy efficiency of your period property. In most cases it’s appopriate to assume that the majority of period or listed buildings have little or no roof insulation and therefore instaling roof protection should be high on the agenda.

Although the task may seem quite complex,  a big project requiring builders, you would be wrong because in actual fact installing roof insulation is relatively simple and can be  carried out by those with modest DIY skills. Even if it takes you longer that expected it will be well worth the effort because it can save you up to 25% off your annual energy bills.

Creating more eco friendly sash windows

Sash windows are synonymous with glorious period buildings, but like the doors we mentioned earlier they are also prone to letting out warmth if they are damaged or haven’t been maintained. English Heritage have conducted studies that suggest windows and doors account for nearly 33% of energy lost in period homes and that’s one of the reasons why we specialise in restoring sash windows to tackle those issues.

We will make your sash windows energy efficient, whilst retaining their original beauty, and our stress-free approach is perfect for those who want to combine the comfort of modern living with traditional period design.

At Fortis & Hooke we also offer individual pane replacement as well as french window and french door restoration- head on over to our services page to explore all our energy efficiency options designed to make your classical home warm and cheaper to run without sacrificing that traditional charm.

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