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If you own a listed building, you benefit from a property that is aesthetically appealing, historically significant and that has a uniqueness unmatched by other buildings. But if there is one issue with listed properties that often that needs tackling, it is energy efficiency.

Some listed buildings, with their magnificent features, have been left unchanged for many years. In most cases, this means they don’t have double glazing. And, yes, they can get a bit nippy in winter. So how do you solve this problem? Read on for our guide to upgrading your listed building with double glazing

Why double glazing?

While windows may only seem like a small feature, they can contribute significantly to how energy efficient a home is. Homes with energy efficient double glazing can save £8,211 over their first 20 years according to the Glass and Glazing Federation. On top of that, they add value to your property. Buyers are happy to pay a premium for homes with more energy efficiency.

Aside from the financial benefits, double glazed windows provide a significant difference to how quickly your home heats up and how warm it can stay. With single glazed windows, there is a constant escape route for heat in your home. It also provides a passage for cold external air to get into your home.

Complications of listed buildings

Seems like an obvious choice, but there are some complications. As most listed building owners will know, these properties are protected by law against any changes that could affect their ‘special interest’. The special interest of a listed building is what makes it worth preserving, which could be architectural or historical features. Take a look at our listed building guide for more information.

In most cases, this means preserving both the internal and external structure of the building, including fixtures like windows and doors. It’s understandable that some homeowners think this means they can’t install double glazing on their listed property.

It’s entirely possible, however, with the right techniques and experience. Windows can have their glass replaced without damaging the original frames. But like any changes to listed buildings, installation requires permission.

Applying for permission

Your permission application for double glazing will be necessary for removing the original glass as well as installing new glazing. And approaching the process on your own might seem like a whole world of uncertainty. Don’t worry. An experienced window company will be able to guide you through the process.

Experience and expertise

At Fortis & Hooke, we specialise in wooden window restoration, repair and renovation. Our surveyors and skilled craftsmen have experience on a range of projects covering listed buildings and conservation properties. As a result, we can help you through the application process and offer a bespoke service to perfectly fit the needs of your property.

With our help, you will be able to improve your listed building with beautiful double glazed windows. Your property will benefit from more warmth, less noise and reduced energy bills without any impact on its heritage. For more information, call us on 0800 313 4688 or use our online enquiry form.

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