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So much so, in fact, that a growing number of homeowners want to replicate Downton’s distinctive style and character in their homes. Is it possible? Read on for our guide to getting the trademark Downton feel in your home.

A period colour scheme

The first thing you need to know is which colours to use. During this period, interior design colours were often inspired by flowers. Pastel colours such as primrose, wisteria, and light leafy greens will help you achieve the classic Downton look. As with all pastel colour schemes, a few bold colours are needed to add contrast and depth. In Edwardian design, this is often found in the home’s wooden features, such as sash windows and furniture.

Furnishing your home

Next up is the Downton-esque furniture. Number one on the list has to be the four-poster bed. The only downside is fitting the hefty structure into your bedroom. If you don’t quite have the space for a four-poster bed, some smaller items can contribute to the look too.

An Edwardian-inspired armchair or sofa is always a good piece to include – a pastel shade, studded fabric and possibly even a floral pattern. In the dining room, you may not quite have the chamber for the long Downton dining table. But, if you want to replicate that style, you can easily add a dark wooden table with some vintage curved legs.

Downton fixtures

To achieve the full Downton effect, you’ll have to make the design consistent throughout your home, which means extending it to your home’s fixtures. Doors and windows can continue the Downton theme, and while you may not be able to replicate the iconic gothic entrance of Downton Abbey, some four-panel internal doors will certainly make a difference. Even more important are the windows. Wooden sash windows and bay windows are some of the most notable period styles, and they will boost your attractive Downton design.

The final step

Homes in the post-Edwardian era were subtly lit. This is exactly what you see in most scenes of Downton Abbey. Sometimes, candle lighting alone is used to create a calm, warming atmosphere, which is exactly what you should aim for.

Lowly lit lamps can replicate this soft lighting effect in most rooms, but magnificent chandeliers grace the more lavish sitting rooms of Downton. Investing in a striking feature like this will give your home the perfect centrepiece.

Keeping the Downton look

Once you’ve completed your Downton inspired design, what’s important is keeping it beautiful. At Fortis & Hooke, we can ensure your sash windows are fully repaired and restored. Far too often, wooden sash windows are hastily replaced, when restoration is a much better option. We can retain the heritage and elegance of your sash windows, ensuring they are fully functional for your home. Get in touch today for a free, no-obligation survey and quote.

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