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The Edwardian period commenced in 1901 with the of the reign of King Edward VII which followed the death of Queen Victoria. It lasted for approximately 13 years until the start of the First World War in 1914, and during this time there was a seismic shift in terms of décor and the construction of properties.

The Nature of Edwardian Windows Explored

During the Edwardian era, the presence of striking, red-brick houses became commonplace. Structures built at this time were designed to be visually appealing, which is why so many had porches fitted to the front exteriors of their properties.

Structures began to incorporate more glass during this time, in order to create lighter and more welcoming properties that granted the illusion of space. This desire emerged from the cluttered and compact spaces offered by Victorian structures, which to this day remain synonymous with slum dwellings and over-crowding.

In this respect, the Edwardian period signalled the empowerment of home-owners and the birth of contemporary interior design trends (many of which remain relevant to this day).

While decorative, stained glass windows became popular during this time, the popularity of sash windows also endured. The design of these windows did evolve somewhat, of course, with the presence of a side hinged timber casement becoming particularly coveted among home-owners of the time.

Additionally, most Edwardian sash windows had glazing bars which separated the glass in the upper section, whilst the panel beneath featured a single, stand-alone pane. These subtle differences made a significant visual difference, laying the foundations for modern sash windows we see today.

Replacing Your Edwardian Sash Windows: The Key Considerations

In most older properties that were built post-1930 up until 1996, replacing jaded or damaged windows is a relatively simple process. The same cannot be said for Edwardian properties with sash windows, however, as replacing these not only requires specialist skills but it can also undermine the period appeal of your property if you fail to install similar replacements. This is a key consideration, as such features add value to period homes and enable owners the opportunity to maintain and restore the visual characteristics that define the era.

It is therefore crucial that you partner with an experienced replacement or restoration specialist like Fortis & Hooke, with our depth of expertise enabling us to identify windows from alternative periods and determine what course of action is necessary. In some instances, this may mean simple maintenance/fixes, but in other cases, sash windows may need to safely and securely replaced or restored to an exceptionally high standard.

Here at Fortis & Hooke we can manufacture and install replacement sash windows from the Edwardian period, helping you to reinforce the security of your property without compromising on its unique aesthetic appeal.

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