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Owning a period property in the UK can be both a privilege and a handful. These period properties hold a heritage that other regular properties do not possess, and thus may also need a lot of effort and care. Period doors can be a source of issue on some properties as they are frequently used and even exposed to the weather elements, especially for front doors. In this article, we will learn more about the FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) in Period Door Restoration.

Why is my door swelling?

A common problem with wooden doors is that they can swell over time. Front doors are especially vulnerable to swelling as it is the most exposed to outside temperatures and humidity. Cracks or openings in the door itself can allow moisture entry and can even cause rot. The expansion of your door may even be the cause of your door jamming or becoming difficult to operate. If this is very much noticeable to you, then it is best to consult with a restoration expert to choose the best course of action for it.

Should I also concern myself with paint quality?

As with any other structure in your home, paint quality can be helpful. Properly painted doors seal the wood to prevent moisture or dirt and grime to enter through your high-quality wood. There are even finishes that can help protect your doors against the long-term effects of UV rays on the wooden material. If the paint is flaking, consider having it stripped and repainted. This can also be taken as an opportunity to further examine the wood door.

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What should I do with my draughty doors?

It is usually everyone’s line of thought to replace old gadgets just because they are outdated. However, draught has been a long time problem presented with modern solutions. Doors that let draught enter simply need to be sealed, and this is called draught-proofing. You won’t need to replace your door too quickly.

Should I think about replacing my door?

The sure answer is no. If you own a period door, then all the more reason to have this as your last resort. Why? A part of what makes your property a heritage is your door. It is one of the secrets that keep a period/timeframe alive, through its architectural design/styles. Besides, these doors were made to last, with a few restoration methods, they can be in good shape in no time. 

Period door restoration is not just about preserving the heritage though. This can also save you a lot of time and money. Replacing structures or furniture within a period property has a hefty amount of work, as it needs to go through conservation experts as well. Also, Newer materials are less durable than old ones, so you can count that your door can last as long or maybe even longer, as long as you put your heart into taking care of it!

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Pieter Boyce - Wooden Window and door specialist

Pieter Boyce
Wooden Window and Door Specialist

This article was written on behalf of Fortis & Hooke by Pieter Boyce. Pieter has an intense passion for English Architectural history and has been specialising in the conservation of original wooden windows and doors for decades. His exceptional knowledge of timber windows and doors, both listed or non-listed, is attributed to his hands-on approach to learning all aspects of the complete restoration of original features as well as having personally surveyed thousands of items throughout his long tenure as a head surveyor for one of the largest window and door restoration companies in the UK. He now runs a boutique wooden window and door consultancy and fervently champions the retention of original windows and doors. To learn more of Pieter’s services, visit his website at www.boultonboyce.co.uk.

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