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New build homes are fitted with double-glazed windows as standard. And a 2013 government study found that 93 percent of UK homes now have some level of double glazing. But is it possible in all homes – particularly those with sash windows?



Many homeowners are unsure whether double glazing is a practical option with sash windows since it’s important to retain the original timber. It’s a common misconception that fitting new glass is too complex a procedure. But in fact, it isn’t. It’s entirely possible.

Using the latest methods, highly skilled and experienced sash window specialists can install double glazing on sash windows without damaging the original timber. With flexible waterproof glass sealant, the windows are protected from the elements immediately. This will ensure the new glass is sturdy, secure and ready to stand the test of time.


The benefits of double glazing

It’s not just thermal efficiency that double glazing offers, though. Double glazing – and the sealing restoration that comes with it – reduces the amount of external noise you can hear inside your home. And the latest glass innovations can provide even more benefits to glass replacement.

Safety and security can be improved with toughened, laminated and safety glass types. As well as improved strength, safety glass minimises risk by breaking into harmless pieces if the worst does happen. Privacy glass, on the other hand, introduces different levels of opacity and tint to windows, while solar control glass reduces glare and blocks out excess heat.

Over time, window panels can break down, allowing moisture to get through the seal. A new double glazed unit can put an end to this. Sash windows can even be fitted with self-cleaning glass, and replacing the glass can get rid of the problem of misty window panes.


Listed properties

It’s all well and good saying the work can be done, but what about listed properties? Homes that are listed, or those within conservation areas, are subject to some regulations. With protection in various areas, including windows and doors, you will have to get permission for any changes such as removing the glass, adding double glazing, changing glass colour, tint or texture and installing glass with special features like safety glass.


Experience in all areas


At Fortis & Hooke we are experts at restoring sash windows, including those of listed and conservation properties. We can guide you through the process of window restoration and ensure you get the best double glazing solution for your home’s windows.

By removing windows and completing renovations in our specialist workshop, we can minimise the disturbance to your daily routine and ensure the process is as quick and hassle-free as possible. For more information, give our team a call on 0800 313 4688 or contact us online.

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