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Do you need your door refinished but don’t have the time or will to do it yourself? While it would be a cheaper task for you to handle on your own, this will still cost some money either way. To do this project yourself, it will only cost the materials and tools that you need to purchase to do the task, whereas, with a professional, you will also have to pay for their labour as well as the cost of materials. Every job is different, so it’s hard to say exactly what the job will cost, and this is why you will need to get a professional quote. However, this can give you an idea of the costs so that you don’t get surprised at the quotes.

Hiring professionals

Much like with every other remodelling professional that you hire, you mostly get exactly what you pay for. The pricing only reflects half of the things that you need to consider. You also need to look at the quality of their previous works. Professionals often have a portfolio to give you an idea of the quality of work that they can do. For accurate estimates, a professional will have to check out the size of the door and how much refinishing is necessary to make the door look new again.

Location and product quality

Location can also make a difference in the price of the job. For instance, in some areas, you can expect to pay a professional between $170 to $400 to complete this job. This can be a basic estimate with the professional using mid-range quality products. If you want to use higher-end products or want to do something like upgrading the hardware or paint the door, this will end up costing you more as well.

Particular finishes and door condition

Different finishes also cost more money. You can expect to spend more if the door also needs to be fixed up due to numerous cracks, holes, or other blemishes on the door. Then, there are additional factors, including the preparation required to get the door ready for refinishing like deep cleaning it. The more deep cleaning that is necessary to refinish the door properly, the more costly it is. You are paying the company for each hour that they are working in addition to the supplies that they need for the job.

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If you are hiring a professional for this job, you should get quotes from a few different licensed professionals before you settle on one for the job. Look at their reviews in addition to considering how much they are charging you for the job. However, if you want to save money, you can look up how-to guides that will let you know how to handle this yourself. Then, you only have to spend your day doing the project and spend only what you need on materials. This can save you a lot of money and you can even ensure that you get the colour that you want.

Pieter Boyce - Wooden Window and door specialist

Pieter Boyce
Wooden Window and Door Specialist

This article was written on behalf of Fortis & Hooke by Pieter Boyce. Pieter has an intense passion for English Architectural history and has been specialising in the conservation of original wooden windows and doors for decades. His exceptional knowledge of timber windows and doors, both listed or non-listed, is attributed to his hands-on approach to learning all aspects of the complete restoration of original features as well as having personally surveyed thousands of items throughout his long tenure as a head surveyor for one of the largest window and door restoration companies in the UK. He now runs a boutique wooden window and door consultancy and fervently champions the retention of original windows and doors. To learn more of Pieter’s services, visit his website at www.boultonboyce.co.uk.

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