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Bay window definition

According to Wikipedia, a “Bay window is a generic term for all protruding window constructions, regardless of height”  (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bay_window). Synonyms for a bay window are Oriel window, Alcove window or picture window (http://www.thesaurus.com/browse/bay%20window).

New Bay window prices

At Fortis & Hooke we prefer retaining original windows, but sometimes our clients want to re-instate their windows that were removed before.

A three aspect window will set you back anywhere from £2000 to £8000 for just the window. The cost of the bay window will depend on how large the window is and the materials used. Softwood windows will be at the cheaper end of the scale. Hardwood windows will be at the top end.

The glazing bar profiles used in the Bay could add substantial amounts to the cost. Also, the type of glass used in a triple aspect window will affect the amount paid. Double glazing for the new window is a good idea as the area of glass in a bay window will affect your heat efficiency in your home.

Some suppliers will only supply and not install the window. The additional cost to have these installed would be around £1000.

It is important that, once installed, the window should be duly painted with a high-quality weatherproof system. We’ve seen thousands of newly installed windows deteriorate quite quickly if not painted promptly after supply.

Please ensure that you get a proper guarantee on your new window. Five years for the material is minimum.

We don’t suggest having your original bay windows replaced. Replacement of original bay windows should be the last resort. Retain them by restoring.

Restoring bay windows

At Fortis & Hooke, we offer a full array of services to ensure your triple windows are retained rather than replaced. Most of these windows usually require overhauling (see our draught sealing and overhauling service page) as painters tend to paint the side windows shut at some stage. Also, the sills on these bay windows tend to require replacement when not maintained. It is crucial that these bays are not replaced when the sills or bottom sections are rotten. These parts can easily be repaired or replaced, ensuring that the windows are retained rather than replaced (please see our sash window repair service page for solutions for these issues). If you’d like to ensure that your original bay window looks as magnificent as it would have looked at initial manufacture, our Fortis Restore service is the perfect solution (visit this service at our sash window restoration page)

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