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Period property forum

It’s clear from the most popular search results that there are plenty of people searching for period properties in their area. But also amongst the common searches are people looking for a period property forum. Forums are handy for quick questions, advice or even just general discussion. If you don’t know the right place to look, however, you can end up using a non-specific or non-active forum.

Arguably the best place online to discuss period properties is the Period Property UK forum. They have thousands of topics, covering all sorts of queries, issues, tips and recommendations. It’s easy to start a new topic and replies are typically sent the same day.

Old country houses

There are a number of ways people refer to period properties on Google – “period homes”, “houses with character” and even “country life properties”. It says a lot about the reputation of period properties, but one that pops up, again and again, is “old country houses”. People want to find the best period properties in the countryside to admire and maybe even to purchase.

One of the best areas outside of London for period properties is Rochester in Kent. Just 40 minutes from the capital, the town has some beautiful Georgian properties such as the delightful terrace of Minor Canon Row as well as landmark period buildings like Restoration House. Manningtree in Essex has a similar appeal, with an abundance of beautiful period homes. They are complemented by public period buildings like the uniquely stunning library.

What is it all about?

As well as specific searches, there are some popular searches posing more general queries. “What is a period house?” and “what is a period property?” crop up regularly each month. While some of us are familiar with the concept, to others it is completely alien.

Period properties put simply, are buildings that were constructed in any of Britain’s historical periods. Generally speaking, this is anytime before the first world war. It includes Edwardian (1901-1914), Victorian (1837-1901), Georgian (1714-1837) and even older periods like Stuart and Tudor.

While it may seem like a niche, around a third of UK buildings are period properties. This is mainly because – unlike modern structures – they were built to last. For more information on these homes, take a look at our comprehensive guide to period properties.

Asking Google for expertise

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