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If you find that your sash windows have become difficult to open, it’s definitely a sign they need some TLC. But what has caused the problem?

Letting in plenty of light and giving you a large viewing space, sash windows are also practical for ventilation and safety because they can be locked in a slightly open position.

But like most things, they can become worn over time. Don’t worry. In most cases, you won’t need to replace your windows completely, and you won’t necessarily need an expert surveyor to see the problems. Read on for four signs that will tell you it’s time to get your sash windows restored.

Difficulty opening your windows

If you find that your windows have become difficult to open, it’s definitely a sign they need some TLC. But what has caused the problem? It might be something as simple as paint build-up. Giving sash windows several new coats of paint can cause a build-up of paint over time, which eventually causes the window to jam slightly as it is opened.

Frayed cords

Also noticeable on your windows will be the condition of the cords. Frayed cords are an indication that your window needs some renovation. It’s also another potential reason for your window, not opening. Cords can become frayed and even broken over time simply from the strain of the bottom sash. Given the hefty weight of the lower sash and the large pane of glass that it’s holding, it’s fair to say broken sash cords can be a bit of a hazard if left unrestored.

Draught and whistle

Can you feel a draught coming from your sash window? The most probable cause is a break in the timber, which is allowing the wind to whistle through ever so slightly. This is usually caused by water entering the timber after the paint has flaked away. Failure to deal with this problem can result in a more serious rotting of the wood underneath.

Flaking paint and discolouration

Make sure to check the paint on your sash window. Spotting issues early in this area can be easy to fix but are some of the most problematic if left untreated. Flaking paint leaves the timber exposed to the elements, which can lead to rot. Similarly, discolouration on the paintwork can indicate rot emerging beneath the paint.

Dealing with problems

If you’re unsure about the restoration needs of your sash windows, make sure you get them surveyed by a professional. And if your window does need restoring it’s essential you get work done by a trustworthy, experienced company. Even something as simple as painting sash windows has common errors like broken glass, restricted movement or even windows being painted shut.

Fortis & Hooke specialise in sash window painting and offer a comprehensive range of treatments for sash windows. Whether your window needs repairing, restoring, painting or draught-proofing, we can help. And with minimum inconvenience to you. Taking windows away to our workshop for treatment, we eliminate the issue of dust in your property and make the process quicker and easier for everyone. Call us on 0800 313 4688 or get in touch online to book your free, no-obligation survey.

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