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Is It Wrong to Put UPVC Windows in Your Period Home?

What makes period homes all the more special is the original features that they boast. It’s no secret that period features can add value to a property but you may be surprised to learn that some homeowners want to avoid maintaining them. From fireplaces to doors, some homeowners look to … Read More >

Edwardian architecture mansion block in London

Repairing or Replacing Edwardian Sash Windows

Edwardian architecture merged styles from both the Victorian and Georgian eras as well as embracing international styles such as Art Nouveau. Many classic Edwardian features and styles can still be seen on period homes to this day and many properties have stood the test of time when it comes to … Read More >

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10 Best Window Treatments for Period Properties

It’s important to strike a balance between elegant style and practicality when it comes to retaining natural light, so, to give you some inspiration, here’s a list of 10 window treatments that could suit your period property perfectly: Country Classic Heavy, print curtains are increasingly in-vogue, thanks to their combination … Read More >

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How Do Sash Windows Work?

What is a Sash Window? In simple terms, a sash window consists of one or more movable panels or sashes, which form a basic frame to hold variable panes of glass. These are separated by glazing bars and moulded strips of wood, which determine the core design of the window … Read More >

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Fire Safety Tips For Period Homes

When we lose a period home we lose a part of our nation’s heritage, and whilst it is impossible to negate every single risk, there are measures that can be taken to significantly reduce it. We all want to retain the aesthetic qualities of period properties that make them so … Read More >

Warning Signs That Your Doors & Windows Need to Be Replaced

Monthly Checks Although you are likely to do this almost daily in the summer months, it’s important to remember to open your windows and doors during the winter months too. Minor problems that are left unchecked throughout the winter can really take hold and lead to expensive repairs during the … Read More >

3 Top Tips for Extending Your Period Property

So if you do decide to extend your property and are able to undertake works, you will need to approach the project with knowledge, insight and caution. With this in mind, here are three tips to help you achieve your goals: 1 -Planning and Build Regulation Compliance Regardless of which … Read More >

Fortis & Hooke Guide to Timber Rot

Whilst this would, of course, be expensive and timely to repair, it could lead to irreparable damage if it occurred in an original feature of a period property. This article is going to discuss the two types of rot; dry and wet. Whilst they both indicate the presence of a … Read More >

Edwardian architecture mansion block in London

Fortis & Hooke Guide to Replacing Edwardian Windows

The Edwardian period commenced in 1901 with the of the reign of King Edward VII which followed the death of Queen Victoria. It lasted for approximately 13 years until the start of the First World War in 1914, and during this time there was a seismic shift in terms of décor … Read More >

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Can I replace my period sash windows?

Before concerning yourself with these it is worth clarifying that replacing the windows means taking the windows back to brick – the following is not required for simply fitting new sashes or casements into existing frames. Building Regulations Building regulations apply to anybody seeking to replace the windows in their … Read More >

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Identifying your Sash Window

Here at Fortis & Hooke we are specialists in the renovation of sash windows and we are experienced in working with various styles from the different periods and eras. If you need help identifying when your windows were first installed then follow the tips below. There are three popular styles … Read More >

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Top Tips for adding value to your Period Property

Quintessential Floor tiles Just like when we meet a new person, first impressions really do count so why not apply this logic to your home as well? These beautiful tiles are a fantastic option for both the inside and outside of your period property. These are a mainstay for period … Read More >

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8 Tips for Restoring a listed building

To help you on this endevour, we’ve compiled eight core Do’s and Don’ts when it comes to restoring a listed building to help get you started. The Do’s Make friends with your local Conservation officer; they will know all about other property owners in your area who will no doubt … Read More >

How to make your period building more energy efficient

Period-style door restoration One of the most striking features of many period properties is a grand wooden front door but in some cases they can allow significant amounts of energy to leave the building, particularly if they have been badly maintained over time. Fortunately, for those who want to retain … Read More >

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When to Repair or Replace Sash Windows

When should I repair sash windows? Sashes can encounter different issues to other types of windows, so it is important to be on the lookout for these unique problems. For example, sometimes sash windows have a tendancy to stick, usually because of paint accumulation or a wrongly positioned or distorted … Read More >

4 Fantastic Ways to Decorate Your Sash windows

If you are lucky enough to be the proud owner of a sash-windowed property you may have realised that it can be hard to dress a sash window appropriately, after all, whilst we love displaying our windows we must also retain privacy for our homes. If you’re stuck for inspiration … Read More >

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Are sash windows energy efficient

If your property is fitted with sash windows, you might be wondering whether they are energy efficient. Doors and windows are an essential part of any building’s insulation. You need them to keep heat inside and cold outside, and ensure your energy bills are as low as possible. So how do sash windows fare when it comes to energy efficiency? Read More >

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Your sash window era

Sash windows are named after their main feature – the sliding sash. While they all have this in common, they can differ in their size, colour and of course the era they’re from. With the first sash window installation dating back to the 17th century, they have been used in a number of historic periods. Read on to find out which era your sash windows are from. Read More >

Victorian architecture terrace homes

Victorian Architecture in England

The Victorian period refers to the time when Queen Victoria ruled Britain. With the coming of railways and new manufacturing processes, locally produced building materials became available all over Britain. Hence houses in the local area were now built using the same building materials. Houses made of local stone, timber and straw were now replaced and built of bricks from other countries. Read More >

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Period Properties to Visit in London

Period properties big and small are scattered all over Great Britain. They give us an insight into the style, architecture and ways of life in eras gone by. And there is nowhere better for period properties than London. Across the capital, you can find some of the most spectacular buildings from the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries. Read More >

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Sash window repairs FAQ

Sash windows are built to last. But like any household fixture, they can become damaged over time. Our sash window repair service has saved thousands of windows from a range of problems, where other companies have recommended costly, unnecessary replacement. Read More >

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Asking Google About Period Properties

People take to the web in search of answers for a whole range of topics. History, politics and the infamous web diagnosis – you can find almost anything on Google. And one topic that is no different is property. Homeowners and prospective buyers are constantly searching online for answers to their property queries. So what are people asking Google when it comes to period properties? Read More >

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What is a period property

If you’ve ever googled: “What is a period property?”, You’re not alone. Period properties make up around a third of all homes in the UK, but not everybody knows what they are. What are the dos and don’ts? What are the pros and cons? What are the different types? All of your questions are answered in our full introduction to period properties… Read More >

Edwardian architecture mansion block in London

Edwardian architecture in England

About a century ago, Britain was widely recognised to have conquered all the challenges of domestic life. As an architectural style, ‘Edwardian’ refers to the period 1901 to 1918. The era was a period of revivalism, the ideas drawing inspiration from medieval and Georgian periods. Houses mixed and matched many influences. The Edwardian period was relatively short compared to the long Victorian reign but the housing boom at the time meant that architecture heavily dominated present suburbs. Read More >


Welcome Spring into Your Home

Spring is coming. Ok, it doesn’t have quite the same impact as winter, but nonetheless the seasons are changing. Officially beginning on 20th March, spring will see the days getting longer, lighter and quite a bit greener. But how can you reflect that in your home? Read on for our tips on welcoming the new season into your home. Read More >

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Is my property a listed building

If you’re a homeowner, you might be wondering whether or not your property is listed. And with good reason too. Property listing can affect the way you repair and renovate many aspects of your home. So how do you find out how your property is listed? Read on to find out. Read More >

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Listed building double glazing upgrade

If you own a listed building, you benefit from a property that is aesthetically appealing, historically significant and that has a uniqueness unmatched by other buildings. But if there is one issue with listed properties that often that needs tackling, it is energy efficiency. Read More >

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Wooden Windows: The Disadvantages

By now, we’ve probably already established that wooden window frames have numerous benefits that make them an astounding addition to any house, for both functional and aesthetic reasons. However, there is no such thing as perfection in this world, and all things have some flaw to their design somewhere. Unfortunately, wooden window frames are no exception. While being beautiful, easy to install, and cheap to purchase, they are not without their own flaws, as difficult to believe as it may be. Read More >

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Wooden window cost reduction

While wooden window frames can be inexpensive in a sense, thanks to how long they last if you take care of them and they never need to be replaced over the course of several decades, there are still many factors that can make it cost more. That said, knowing what factors determine the cost of wooden window frames can make it much easier to determine or at least estimate how much the installation of wooden window frames in your home might cost. Read More >

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Period Properties in England

Buying period property in England is not for the faint hearted. The real estate laws that seem to come from another era permit both the buyer and seller to re-negotiate or even walk away from deals even after offers have been made and accepted, practically right up to the last minute. Here are some of the things you need to look for while buying a period property in England. Read More >

sash window lock

Sash Window Locks, Latches and Fasteners – What’s the Difference?

Whether you are a homeowner or a landlord, you want your property to be as secure and fully functional as possible. Part of this is ensuring your windows are opening, closing and locking properly. And with sash windows, there are a number of different options available with sash window locks, latches and fasteners. Read More >

Victorian architecture terrace homes

Why Period Properties Are So ‘In’ Right Now

While some things come and go with the seasons, there are others which continue to rise in prominence. Period properties are definitely the latter. Over the years, period properties have become more sought-after and more valuable than ever before. But why? Keep reading to find out why period properties are so ‘in’ right now. Read More >

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Sash window decorators

If you want to ensure your sash windows look beautiful, as well as being protected from the elements, specialist sash window painters are essential. Even a skilled decorator can make mistakes, which can lead to bigger problems in the long run. Fortunately, that’s not the case with Fortis & Hooke. Wooden sash window painting is our area of expertise. Read More >

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Georgian architecture in England

The period of architecture that we call Georgian is roughly equivalent to the 18th century. The architecture commonly associated with Georgian England is more strongly identifiable in the period 1730-1800. More than any other period in English historic architecture, Georgian style is linked with classical period of Rome and Greece. Read More >

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What is a Casement Window

Casement windows are one of the beautiful window styles commonly found on older British homes. They are renowned for their simplicity and functionality, but there is more to casement windows than meets the eye. Like most domestic fixtures, they come in a range of sizes, styles and designs, and require certain maintenance to keep them working well. Read on for our guide to casement windows. Read More >

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Increasing Your Home’s Value – 5 Handy Tips

Looking to increase the value of your home? It’s certainly worth doing. After all, your home is your biggest investment. Its value will increase over time, but any ways you can boost it even more are an added bonus. And it’s not as hard as you think. Read on for our 5 handy tips on how you can increase the value of your home. Read More >

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Wooden Door Decisions

The thing about wooden doors is that they are mostly chosen for an aesthetic value rather than a functional one. As we all know, wooden doors have a certain look to them that many homeowners greatly value. Of course, sometimes this aesthetic appeal is worth the exchange of functionality, but … Read More >

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A Complete Guide to Listed Buildings

What does it mean if your property is listed? For many homeowners, this question is highly important – especially if you’re looking to renovate. Owning a listed building is not just a boast. It comes with certain responsibilities that can affect the way you can improve and renovate your home. Read More >

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Interior design 2017

It’s time to say goodbye to 2016’s design trends. Farewell to copper and brass. Au revoir to marble. And adios to Scandinavia’s huge hygge influence. 2017 is here, and it’s putting a new twist on some of the design trends we have come to know and love. Read on to find out what your home can expect in 2017. Read More >

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matching interior design

Looking for interior design inspiration for your period home? As you’ve probably gathered by now, it’s a bit harder than it looks. Unlike a modern home, you can’t just throw any old designs into a period property. They may look out of place and could diminish the character of your home. Read on for tips on how to make sure your design matches your period home. Read More >

Welsh Island Fortress for Sale

Ever wanted to move to your own little island, far away from the stress of your day-to-day life? If the thought of replacing traffic noise with the sound of waves lapping against your own private shore appeals to you, you’re in luck. Read More >

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Brief History of Sash Windows

Solid construction, classic design and functional in every sense; sash windows are a testament to British craftsmanship. But not everyone is familiar with their story. When were sash windows first installed? What did they look like? And how did they change over time? Read on for a brief history of Britain’s favourite windows. Read More >

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Sustainable timber importance

What is environmental awareness? As time goes on, we’re becoming far more aware of the effect our actions have on the planet. Whether it’s the type of energy that countries invest in, the way businesses source their materials or the products we buy as individuals. Read More >

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Test of time sash windows

When it comes to sash windows, restoration and repair is often the best option. Poorly made, inauthentic replacements simply don’t cut it; they are a classic example of false economy. Read More >

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Three Ways to Cut Your Energy Bills

When it comes to saving money, top of most people’s list are energy bills. They can be devastatingly high – particularly in winter – but energy bills aren’t really something you can avoid. You can, however, keep costs to a minimum. How? Keep reading for our top three ways you can save on your energy bills. Read More >

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Replace or Restore Sash Windows

If your sash windows have become old, worn and are no longer working properly, you’ll surely be thinking about getting them fixed, or even replaced. But which is best? Read More >

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New Build vs Period Property

Whether you’re buying property purely for investment, or simply want a guarantee a healthy return when you eventually move home, it’s important to understand how different properties can change in value over time. Read More >

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4 Things to Check When Buying a Georgian Home

Full of character and charm, the beautiful architecture of Georgian homes is highly sought after amongst property buyers. Unfortunately, there are some potential issues with period properties that buyers should watch out for. Read More >

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How to Get the Downton Abbey Look in Your Home

Since it first aired in 2010, Downton Abbey has captured the hearts of millions of viewers all over the world. And it’s not hard to see why. With its compelling characters, grand settings and dramatic storylines, it’s easy to get swept away in post-Edwardian Britain. Read More >

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Make Sure Your New Year Property Resolutions Stick

Whether it’s losing a few pounds or getting your career on the right track, new year’s resolutions are something we all like to make. And it’s no different for your property. The new year is the perfect time to make changes to your home for both landlords and homeowners alike. Read More >

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Will Sash Windows Add Value to My Home

Are you a homeowner? If so you will probably be looking for ways to add value to your home. Extensions, loft conversions and garden renovations are some of the most popular ways to up the price of your property, but what about sash windows? Read More >

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Sash window restoration Fortis & Hooke

If it’s time to restore your sash windows, look no further than Fortis & Hooke. Using our unique time-tested restoration process, our expert team of master craftsmen lovingly restore sash windows back to their former glory. And with a 10-year guarantee on all repairs, you – and future generations to come – will love the results. Read More >

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Bay windows

Bay windows can be installed with the utmost confidence into new build homes. At Fortis & Hooke we, however, suggest that original bay windows are retained rather than replaced. Read More >

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Renovating sash windows in London

At Fortis & Hooke we aim to provide our customers with fresh and valuable information. Our new sash window restoration London page provides information on our bespoke service. Read More >

New Website launched

Our new website provides comprehensive information on all our services. We have crammed in lots of details to further explain how we can help period home owners with their windows and doors. We will continue to keep adding case studies and interesting content on listed- and conservation properties. Our ethos … Read More >