In South West London this area has one of the largest proportions of open green space. Developments in this area happened slowly throughout time reducing the amount of overcrowding that is seen in the majority of London. This is due to the property market that did not start growing till after World War I. The area has many large detached properties but also Victorian and Edwardian terraced homes. Areas within Raynes Park have their own property styles, with the north housing many terraced homes. In the southern part the properties often have larger gardens.

London Borough of Merton

The above link takes you to the Merton conservation area page. Here you are able to search whether your home is in a conservation area. They are all listed alphabetically and then you just select the road that you live on. The link will then provide you with more information such as appraisals and assessments of the area.

To contact someone in your borough for more information you can either,


Phone: 020 8545 3777 for planning applications

Phone: 020 8274 4901, the general number for Merton council

Or visit: , the Merton council home page

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