The name ‘Sheen’ comes from ‘Sceon’ which means shelters or sheds. Records date this name back to 950. This area was separate from ‘Sheen’ which is now known as Richmond. There is a mixture of different buildings and houses in this area with detached homes being the least common.

London borough of Richmond upon Thames

The above link takes you to the Richmond conservation area page. Here you are able to search whether your home is in a conservation area. You can search by house name/number and postcode or by street. When your property has been chosen it provides you all your area information as well as whether it falls in a conservation area. There is then a statement written about the area that you can read.

To contact someone in your borough for more information you can either,


Phone: 020 8891 1411 for planning applications and Richmond council

Or visit: which is the Richmond council home page

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