Brixton have their own currency which is called The Brixton Pound. It was launched on 17th September 2009 and consist of B£1, B£5, B£10 and B£20 notes. It was brought about to help the local community to shop within their local area.

Brixton still has many impressive Victorian homes, the earliest development was built in Washway, which is now known as Brixton Road.
The link below takes you to the Lambeth conservation area page. Here you are able to search to see if your home is in a conservation area. The streets and areas are all written in a list and by clicking on one, it gives you more information, such as when it was designated, if it has been extended and general information about the conservation area. There are also some links at the bottom which include the appraisal, map and reports.

To contact someone in your borough for more information you can either,


Phone: 020 7926 1180 for the planning council

Or phone: 020 7926 1000 which is the general number for Lambeth council

Or visit: which is the Lambeth council home page

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