Restoration of original windows is not the popular solution. Sash window owners have been erroneously informed that only new windows can provide solutions for draught proofing and better thermal efficiency. In reality original windows can be refurbished to achieve the same performance as new windows yet provide benefits that newer windows – particularly those of a low standard – can never match.

Original windows were hand made by skilled craftsman who used seasoned timber in producing these windows. We have seen the dismay of customers who have had their original windows replaced with new softwood windows that were not properly painted and subsequently showed extensive rot within a short period after installation. Unfortunately these customers then have to either replace these windows with hardwood substitutes or expend large amounts of money to have these windows repaired properly.

From a small joinery’s perspective, replacement is much more profitable, less complex and causes less comebacks as they are not well versed in restoring original windows. At Fortis & Hooke our entire business is strategically positioned to provide our customers with an alternative to replacement and therefore we are skilled at restoring original windows, but also improving them to make the most of modern technology.

We, at Fortis & Hooke, believe that the company that makes a stand against unnecessary replacement will be at the forefront of English Heritage safeguarding. We have a proven track record in the conservation of original sash windows and will stand in the gap as long as we are able.

Companies that replace original sash windows have come out in defence of their practices with “greener” ways to dispense of the windows they have taken out of buildings. They attempt to be environmentally friendly by using timber from “sustainable resources” in the manufacturing of their new windows. We are convinced that the “greenest” option is to keep your original sash windows in tact.

So, STOP, don’t replace! Rather contact us and we will advise you on a cost effective way to restore and refurbish your original sash windows.