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Specialists in Window
and Door Conservation

Helping to maintain and retain your home’s heritage.


Our patented technique Longaevitas has been developed over
decades, making us the best at what we do.

Caring for

We’re so good because we care about keeping our heritage alive.

First Priority
is Your Satisfaction

If restoration isn’t right for you, our industry partners have you covered.

Fortis & Hooke specialises in the quality restoration of windows and doors.

Through decades of experience, our trusted Longaevitas technique has shown how restoration and conservation is always preferred over replacement.

Handcrafted centuries ago, we ensure they last for centuries to come.

Years ago, when craftsmen meticulously fashioned the timber window or door in your home, they did so with a profound passion and care often forgotten in today’s world. They gave Britain beautiful and iconic structures that stand to this day. But time wears all, and it’s up to us to preserve the stories of heritage they’ve given us.

Our solution re-embodies that passion, care and skill by providing an exceptionally dependable alternative to replacement and providing homeowners with true value

Replacement is radical. Conservation is sensible

Standard repair and restoration of wooden windows and doors tend to act only as temporary fixes. These solutions only mask the deeper issues which inevitably rear, worse than before.

New is most certainly not always better, though sales people would try to convince you otherwise.

Fortis & Hooke provides a quality and lasting solution to original window and door concerns. Our Longaevitas system presents homeowners with essential repairs, modernisation and longevity-enhancing methods to ensure your unique items are retained at an affordable rate.


The Fortis & Hooke Longaevitas system has been run through decades of refinement and mastery. It now stands as the only system of its kind.

Longaevitas takes windows and doors from a state of disrepair and ensures they are renovated, repaired, overhauled, painted, modernised and strengthened to add centuries more to their life.

Longaevitas’ power is born from our unwavering dedication to protect British Heritage, but also to innovate. Because of this uncompromising and creative ethos our system has remained genuinely unique. Many have tried to emulate it, but few have come even close to matching our process.


One service for windows and doors. One great result. Consistently.

The service we provide for wooden windows and doors enables us to offer quality-assured, specialised alternatives to the replacement of original features.


We delve deep into the window or door frame and ensure that all rot or decayed timber is removed and either repaired or replaced. We ensure potential risk-bearing areas are stripped to reveal any masked problems. This permanently resolves these issues providing you with peace of mind.


Decades of research has brought us to the conclusion that standard processes to fill and paint heritage window and door fittings do not provide longevity. We have developed unique processes within Longaevitas to ensure previously ‘weak’ areas are circumvented, without removing the unique characteristics of the original structures.


A misperception exists that only new windows and doors provide enhanced heat efficiency and functionality. We’ve comprehensively disproved this by following a unique process ensuring your windows and doors are fully-functioning and heat-efficient.

Longaevitas & more

To complement Longaevitas we’ve introduced a selection of supportive services that enhance the benefits

Glass Replacement/

We provide replacement glass for security, privacy, noise-reduction or even high-end double-glazing. All provided as retro-glazing options to add to your original windows.


Our distinct selection of furniture fittings provides your windows and doors with that special touch. Let them be noticed! New pulleys improve the window’s functionality, enhancing your experience when using them.

Short term
fixes are futile!

Standard practice, slipshod repair and replacement is deemed futile in comparison to Longaevitas.


We’re extremely proud of our workshop. It is an incomparable incubator for your windows and doors.
There can be no safer, more dedicated space for the care and skill your fixtures deserve.

Reducing the stress

Having construction works done at
ones home can be quite stressful. We
reduce this discomfort by doing most
of the boisterous work in our workshop.
This ensures you can keep your home
a space for peace and tranquillity while
we rejuvenate your windows and doors

Reducing the mess

Stripping out windows and doors
and removing paint is very messy.
We reduce the mess in your home by
doing most of this in our workshop.
This would ensure your home stays
relatively clean whilst we bear the
grunt of the works.

Reducing the risk

Stripping old paint may be detrimental
to one’s health due to lead-based paints
etc. We do most of the stripping in our
workshop under good working conditions.

This reduces the risk you have in your
home – keeping your loved ones safe while we provide you with a fear-free experience.


We don’t sell our services. We advise you on the best course of action. Our parent company is highly skilled surveying consultants, ensuring we give you the best possible solution for your concerns.

There is a chance the Longaevitas system may not be the best solution for your windows or doors. That is why we don’t believe in ‘selling’ you our solution, but rather providing you with objective, effective options to suit your goals and pocket. Our commitment is exhibited by our use of surveyors rather than salesmen. Our parent company has in their arsenal other brands that could provide different solutions should the Longaevitas system not suit your needs.


We partner with local specialists vetted by us to ensure on-site work is done to our standards.

We make sure these partners are like-minded in their approach to window and door conservation with a passion for keeping Britain’s heritage alive.

Each professional is put through rigorous training and quality checks to ensure impeccable work.

The off-site Longaevitas system is practiced within our own closed environment ensuring superior results.

By being open and willing to work with others allows us to offer quality, bespoke services to all counties in the United Kingdom.


Master Window and Door Conservationists

Fortis & Hooke specialises in preserving rather than replacing original window and door fittings with unrivalled craftsmanship and care for British heritage.

Few companies in the United Kingdom focus on preserving original windows and doors rather than replacing them. As a result, the competition to replace these landmark fixtures has become overwhelming and the voice of conservation has become jeopardised. It is our sworn duty to stand up and inspire passion for our British heritage.

Fortis & Hooke provides a dependable, long-lasting alternative to replacement, ensuring true value for money for all homeowners.


The preservation of original windows and doors is the most environmentally friendly option.

In most cases, the preservation of your original timber windows and doors is the best-case scenario for the environment. A study done by Greenpeace supports this view:

“… However, even without taking into account environmental impacts of major pollutants, the report finds PVC to be the worst of the options it considered for windows and floors. This is because timber and linoleum use less energy, contribute less to global warming gases, use fewer non-renewable resources and generate less waste.”

The report also warns of the dangers alternatives pose:

“The production and disposal of PVC-u windows leads to the release of highly poisonous chemicals which threaten the environment and human health. PVC-u production involves no less than six of the fifteen most hazardous chemicals listed by European governments for priority elimination. Timber is a sustainable resource. As long as the timber is sourced from properly managed forests and care is taken in the choice of preservatives, paints and stains, timber windows are by far the best environmental choice.”


Our promise of quality, care, and longevity is supported by our guarantee on our Longaevitas system.

  • 10-year warranty on all repairs
  • 5-year guarantee on draught sealing
  • Free touch-up service on external parts of the items after five years
  • Guarantees are transferable to any new owner
Be back our claims


Fortis & Hooke has a proven quality track record in saving iconic listed windows and doors. One of our listed consultants recently featured in the LPOC magazine.




Fortis (Latin): Especially able, competent, or powerful in a specific field or respect.

Hooke: Robert Hooke, 1635-1703, English philosopher, microscopist, and physicist. Best known for Hooke’s Law and noted to have invented the pulley system all sash windows use.


Trusted by the Crown. Trusted by you.

Over the years we’ve worked on some iconic and landmark properties. Our focus will forever remain on preserving British heritage, delivering outstanding service and producing unmatched quality.


Our Worth Endorsed by Your Words

We’re proud of the experiences we’ve given our clients.

These testimonials reveal the appreciation for the care and work we’ve done for them.

Mrs. R (N1)

Many thanks for the excellent quality of service and workmanship as always.

Mrs. R (N1)

Mr. J (Tunbridge Wells)

Fortis & Hooke kept their appointment to fix the sticking door this morning. They seem to be a very nice company to deal with, punctual, polite and attentive. Thanks

Mr. J (Tunbridge Wells)

Mr M (Notting Hill)

A most impressive job well executed in a happy and positive way.

Mr M (Notting Hill)

Mr C (Wimbledon)

Professional and hard working crew. The house was left in a clean condition after each work day.

Mr C (Wimbledon)

Mr S (Maidenhead)

Your renovation of all our antique sash and casement windows was simply outstanding!

Mr S (Maidenhead)

Mrs S (Windsor)

Your service is exemplary.

Mrs S (Windsor)

Mr S (Dulwich)

I am so pleased that we went for renovation rather than replacement

Mr S (Dulwich)

Mrs. R (SW6)

Thank you for all your hard work! The window looks beautiful.

Mrs. R (SW6)

Ms. R (SW6)

I am delighted with my new, old, window 🙂

Ms. R (SW6)

Mr K (Richmond)

The house is definitely warmer as the thermostat confirmed a 2 degree rise in temperature.

Mr K (Richmond)

Mrs S (Wandsworth)

We were really impressed with the professional, efficient and thorough work. Your workmen were courteous and careful; they have done a great job.

Mrs S (Wandsworth)

Mr N (Southampton)

The chap who came was so careful to ensure the property and contents was protected – more than any other workman in my house before! Excellent.

Mr N (Southampton)

Mrs A (Richmond)

I am so pleased with the wonderful work done on my windows. They have breathed new life into my house and I could not have wished for a better result

Mrs A (Richmond)

Absolutely Delighted

We are absolutely delighted with our windows and doors. Thank you. We are also very impressed by the professionalism of your workmen

Mrs. S (KT2)

Ms J (Tunbridge)

The outcomes exceed my reasonable expectations. The quality of the renovation is a complete revelation and has been much admired by all who have seen it.

Ms J (Tunbridge)

Mrs. M (SW18)

Thank you for fitting the three windows. We are very pleased with the result. Your team of men were very efficient and left the house very clean. We appreciate your services

Mrs. M (SW18)

Ms H (Kingston)

I am absolutely thrilled with my windows and have had lots of compliments from neighbours.

Ms H (Kingston)

Mr R (Clapham)

We are really pleased with the windows and it’s lovely to have working windows after they have been painted shut for so many years!

Mr R (Clapham)


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